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Don Diego

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ABOUTDon Diego

Don Diego cigars have quite a story behind them. These mild-mannered smokes were originally made in the Canary Islands beginning in 1964, after relocating operations to the Dominican Republic  in the 1980s when the brand began using Connecticut Shadeleaf for its wrappers, the secret of its success.

Very mild and smooth in nature, the Don Diego has a short finish, so if you need a cigar that won’t toast your palate during a lengthy business meal and meeting, this should be cigars you keep in your briefcase. Straightforward and classic, there are no surprises with Don Diego cigars. They are merely good, buttery-smooth, somewhat creamy Dominican smokes.

Don Diego belongs to the same enterprise, Altadis US that produces such fine classics as Trinidad, Monte Cristo, and Romeo y Juliet. Altadis makes consistently fine cigars and the Don Diego is no exception. Perfect as an everyday smoke, the Don Diego is a fine introduction to Dominican cigars for the novice and experienced alike.

The Don Diego would never be considered a collector’s item, but that wasn’t the intent of the maker. Rather, Don Diego is one of the best cigars that you can enjoy over a cup of coffee while you read the newspaper at your favorite outdoor café’. It’s mild enough to safely accompany a white wine that has some body and acid to it. Try a Don Diego with some of your favorite potables and discover your favorite combination.

Don Diego’s are available for a very affordable $5 or $6 per cigar. You can handle these around to your friends at your weekly card game without damaging your bank account. Your buddies will think you are the most generous soul on the face of the earth. Don’t tell them how much you spent on the cigars.