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In madness there is sometimes genius. The trio of Kevin Baxter, Tom Lazuka, and Christian Eiora know this well. Eiora himself is responsible for several 90+ rated sticks, and...
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  • Asylum Insidious 748
  • Asylum Straight Jacket Toro
  • Asylum Straight Jacket Robusto
  • Asylum Straight Jacket Gordo
  • Asylum Straight Jacket Double Churchill
  • Asylum Original Torpedo
  • Asylum Original Toro
  • Asylum Original Sixty Seven
  • Asylum Original Sixty
  • Asylum Original Mini Corona
  • Asylum Nyctophilia Sixty
  • Asylum Nyctophilia Seventy
  • Asylum Nyctophilia Fifty
  • Asylum Insidious Maduro 764
  • Asylum Insidious Maduro 652
  • Asylum Insidious Maduro 550