How will you pack and ship my cigars?

We provide the best possible service when it comes to storing, packing and shipping cigars to you. All of our cigars, whether they are in a single opened box or in a case of 40 boxes, are stored in a humidor. From the time they arrive at our door until we hand them to the shipping department they are in a climate-controlled environment. We carefully pack each item, using paper, peanuts, bubble-wrap or other packing material as required to prevent damage, ensuring that the product remains in the best condition possible. Also, we always pack single cigars in a sealed plastic bag to ensure they hold their proper humidity during shipment.

- Shipping Services

We use either USPS Priority Mail or UPS... we do not use any other services. If you select standard shipping, our logistics expert will decide which service to use based on your location.  We have been doing this a long time and know which service will get your cigars to you the quickest.

If you select an expedited service we will use UPS.  Overnight, 2nd Day and # Day Shipping all will ship via UPS.