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If you conjure up an image of Mexico City, you’re probably seeing the Plaza del Zócalo (also known as the Plaza de la Constitución) in your mind. Even before the modern nation of Mexico existed, this place was the main ceremonial center of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. For hundreds of years, it has served as an important gathering place. Now, with Mexico’s green, white, and orange flag waving high in the center, you can see the inspiration for the CAO Zocalo cigar.

This is a Mexican cigar, in spirit and in the wrapper.

Naturally, the cover leaf is zesty Mexican San Andrés morrón tobacco. Long known for its spicy potency, San Andrés tobacco is used to give blends an unmistakable black pepper bite that serves to announce a cigar that’s going to have some personality.

The CAO Zocalo cigar then progresses with a genuine African Cameroon binder. As if one piquant leaf wasn’t enough, they had to import this exotic and aromatic woody leaf, which is also known for bringing a signature flavor to a variety of blends. You know it as soon as you light it up, much like that San Andrés black pepper note.

Tying everything together is hearty Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. The resulting smoke is spicy and complex, offering shades of spice, but also finishing with something like a sweet choncha from a panaderia.

The CAO Zocalo cigar was originally a one-off, but fans of the brand liked it enough to buy it out pretty quickly. The only complaint was that there weren’t enough sizes available. This time around, the CAO Zocalo is becoming a permanent line with a proper few vitolas to choose from. Like a lot of CAO cigars, this line is built to celebrate the national spirit of a particular country. If you’ve got reason to say “Viva, Mexico!” this is the perfect cigar to toast after your toast.

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