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The Guardian of the Farm cigar was Cigar Aficionado’s 93-rated #8 cigar of 2017 – this one is fantastic!

In cigar making, the older generation of blenders can bring a lifetime of experience to bear when selecting tobaccos, making a blend, and creating top-shelf smokes. But as they teach the next generation and pass the torch, young talent can often put a slightly new spin on traditional cigars, creating something that is both artful and interesting. That’s the whole idea behind Warped cigars, actually – taking classic techniques and “warping” them into the modern cigar world.

The Guardian of the Farm cigar is the product of a collaboration between two young guns of the cigar industry: Max Fernández and Kyle Gellis. Gellis is the young owner of Warped cigars, and Fernández is the son of Eduardo Fernández, who runs the TABSA cigar factory in Nicaragua. It’s there that many of Warped’s AGANORSA tobacco cigars are rolled up to perfection, and so it was only a matter of time before discussions between the Max and Kyle turned to a joint project designed to please the palates of today’s newer smokers.

The funny thing is, it didn’t take any gimmicks to get it done. It turns out that what pleases new smokers is the same thing that pleased old smokers: excellent tobacco and masterfully-chosen blends. The Guardian of the Farm doesn’t even reach for a variety of leaves from different countries. It’s a perfect focused Nicaraguan puro that showcases why Nicaraguan leaf is so popular.

Outside is a Jalapa Corojo ’99 wrapper, and inside Gellis and Fernández chose a blend of Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 long-fillers. The foot is closed and uncut, while the head has a traditional Cuban-style triple cap. Roast it up for medium-full-bodied smoke with the flavors of almond and nutmeg, cream, black pepper, and cinnamon – it’s a spice rack, really! Underneath it all, of course, is a core of rich tobacco flavor that carries the smoke and makes this one incredibly satisfying.

But why “Guardian of the Farm?” It’s named for Kyle and Max’s American Bulldogs, JJ and Campeon, who keep watchful eyes over the AGANORSA fields. In fact, there’s one of the dogs right on the band.

Sit, boy. Here: have a cigar.

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