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Cuba Libre

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ABOUTCuba Libre

Plasencia made his way to Nicaragua where he had built a reputation as one of the best cigar makers in Central America. A fifth-generation maker of premium cigars, Plasencia takes special pride in the lines that bear his name: Nestor 747 and the Nestor Reserve. He also is responsible for the prestige acquired by Connecticut Reserve and the Plasencia Reserva Organica, which is said to be the world’s only cigar made of 100 percent organically grown tobacco.

The Cuba Libre itself contains a blend of fine Cuban-seeded filler encased in a tasty and oily Corojo wrapper. The tobaccos have all been aged eight months, presenting a smooth, mellow smoke that is still long on a pleasantly spicy taste with a hint of sweetness to its finish. Those who have smoked this fine cigar agree that you can enjoy its flavor all the way to the end without any degradation in its medium-body taste.

Ah, yes, the flavor. It has been described as earthy and leathery, lingering on your palate. If you enjoy a milder cigar but still want something with a little more substance, a Cuba Libre is what you’re looking for.

Cuba Libres are available in a modest 44 ring size but the majority comes in the 50 to 52 range. A big, smooth, and mild 7.00 X 52 Cuba Libre Chairman would be a good smoke for those evenings when you don’t want a cigar that requires a lot of concentration. You just need a good cigar while you sit back and feel the stress drifting out of your body.