4 Baseball Cigars To Enjoy While Watching America’s Pastime

5-vegas-triple-a-triple-aby Juan Panesso
Man with a cigar and baseball bat


Ah, spring—the time of year when the sluggers, hurlers, catchers, and fielders jog out onto the grass once again to give us America’s favorite pastime: baseball.

Its leisurely pace and thoughtful nature made cigars the ideal companion to the game. When baseball was first played in the late 1800s, players often smoked cigars during games. Over a century later, baseball players and fans still enjoy cigars and baseball.

If you have four hours to kill watching guys watch each other for signs of motion, then you have the perfect amount of time to catch a game. And if you have that kind of time, there's also time for a cigar or seven. 

Here are some of our favorite cigars to puff on while waiting for things to happen on the field. 

5 Vegas - Triple A

Hundreds of hopefuls pack the dugouts of minor league squads. And even though it sounds cool to play baseball for a living, you have to remember that they don't always make a living. The fantastic complexity of this cigar, however, will make you think for a while when staring at the field.

Alec Bradley - American Classic

There's nothing better than an American Classic cigar to accompany the American Classic game. If you want it to look like a bat, put it in a churchill!

Drew Estate - Acid - Kuba Grande

Your team's next big hitter is currently sipping mojitos on a big island while waiting for a call from his agent. As you wait for your team to lock down the next five years of production, enjoy this smoke from Drew Estate. The mild flavor, herbs, and botanicals will keep you company as you ruminate on free agents. 

Babe Ruth - Perfectos

Hey, if you find one of Babe Ruth's cigars, you might not want to smoke it. Though, if Babe were here, he would almost certainly tell you to do whatever you damn well please and take a puff—he always did speak his mind.

On Opening Day, Enjoy Cigars and Baseball

While you can't smoke cigars at a baseball game, you can enjoy one at home or in a cigar lounge while you watch the game. Four hours will give you time to enjoy two cigars and a few cocktails.

Extra innings? That's what we call a bonus smoke! Make sure you choose your lineup carefully. In order to get through the first few innings of the game, we like to start with a nice mellow smoke. Then, finish with a full-throttled closer to properly finish the game. It is impossible to go wrong when you are enjoying the two most popular pastimes in America.

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