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The Connecticut was one of Rocky’s first cigars. It is a mild-bodied smoke constructed with aged Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos and a seven-year-old Connecticut wrapper. It is a silky smooth cigar with notes of cream and spice.

One of Rocky Patel's finest creations rated 95 by Cigar Aficionado. These gorgeous cigars feature a dark oily Sumatra wrapper and Honduran long leaf filler. Smooth, Creamy and Very Rich tho sis a Must Try RP!

Freedom by Rocky Patel is a medium to full in body and loaded with complex flavors. The Oscuro wrapper combined with a variety of Nicaraguan tobaccos gives Freedom by Rocky Patel a sweet, nutty flavor along with hints of espresso and cocoa.

Aficionados expect more than a little cigar heresy from the makers of Drew Estate cigars. They also know that when they light up one of these cigars that they are in for a memorable treat. The Java line from Drew Estate skirts the line between just-enough and too-much. Here lies the intersection of espresso, premium chocolate, and fine tobacco. Each flavor stands on its own merit. Working in concert, the three flavors create another dimension in tobacco enjoyment.

Rocky Patel cigars and sun grown wrappers were made for one another and you’ll discover just how true that is in every size of the fantastic Rocky Patel Sun Grown Cigars label. RP’s are some of the highest rated cigars we sell and fans are enthusiastic about their great taste, quality construction and smoking characteristics, along with the power they typically bring to the party. Add a tasty sun grown Ecuadorian Sumatra that enriched itself from the fertile soil to handle the elements it was exposed to and you’ve got a top quality powerhouse that any lover of strong cigars will certainly relish.

If you are a striver, a go-getter, someone with the heart to craft a vision and the will to do what it takes to make it a reality then Rocky Patel has a cigar he wants you to try. Chances are you’ll not only try the Edge by Rocky Patel but you’ll embrace it, savor it and relish the potency you experience in every puff. RP brands has built a reputation on delivering top quality smokes the true cigar lover can deeply appreciate. These cigars are rolled with tobaccos chosen because they offer cutting edge flavors the traditionalist will equate with the better Cubans he’s put the torch to. The newcomer to cigars will simply find the epitome of what he’s heard a great stogie should be.

The Vintage 1990 features an amazing twelve-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper and a seven-year-old filler and binder. It is a mild to medium-bodied smoke that delivers a perfect balance of flavor, complexity and richness, along with smooth notes of earth, cedar and espresso.

The Vintage 1992 features a ten-year-old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper along with seven-year-old filler and binder tobaccos. It is a medium to full-bodied smoke that delivers enticing flavors of coffee and cedar followed by a long earthy finish.

Introduced in July of 2012 this limited release Box Press Edition has proved to be a huge success for the Rocky Patel Vintage Line. Only 1000 20-Count Boxes were released Available in Robusto, Toro and Torpedo sizes. Medium Body, Box Press, Cameroon...this blend is unique and full of sweet flavor from start to finish. You will be super excited that you picked up one of these Special Release Gems!

The Vintage Segundos are the exact same cigars as the Vintage 1990 and 1992, only with small wrapper blemishes. Round and bandless due to being pulled from production before pressing, these discounted smokes come in bundles of 15. The Vintage 1990 features an amazing twelve-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper and a seven-year-old filler and binder. It is a mild to medium-bodied smoke that delivers a perfect balance of flavor, complexity and richness, along with smooth notes of earth, cedar and espresso.

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ABOUTRocky Patel

Rocky, the man behind the brand, is part of a new generation of cigar makers that has produced some of the best cigar lines in the last couple of decades. Unlike so many of the leading lights in the industry, with names like Fuente, Oliva and Perdomo, Rocky was not raised to the art of growing great tobacco and rolling premium cigars. He has incredible respect for those revered families and their traditional ways, and emulates them in many labels such as the boxed pressed RP Vintage 1992 cigars. He came by cigar making very differently. Patel’s passion for producing great cigars began in Hollywood, and that is a long, long way from Esteli, Condega or the San Agustin Valley. As an attorney for cigar loving clients with names like Hackman and Schwarzenegger, he was offered a steady stream of Montecristos, Macanudos and Fuentes. How could he not fall in love with world class cigars?
His newfound hobby intersected his entrepreneurial spirit and ignited a passion. The cigar boom of the 1990’s was just beginning and he joined it on the production side, quickly making his way to the head of the class of newcomers that included brands like Drew Estates and Alec Bradley. He began scouring the finest growing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the DR in search of the best leaves he could find. Not beholden to any region or farm, his lines use the best of the best. The RP Vintage 1990 cigars feature Honduran tobaccos while the Sun Grown line employs Nicaraguan fillers. The RP fusion melds Nicaraguan, Honduran and Cameroon leaves with tasty results.
Rocky Patel continues to produce some of the most highly rated and beloved cigars produced anywhere. They emphasize excellent construction with a traditional look and near-perfect smoking qualities. Most Rocky Patel labels are moderately strong to very strong and deliver full flavor. When you smoke an RP cigar you will appreciate Patel’s superb blend of tradition and a cutting edge approach to making great cigars.
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