Rocky Patel

Named the #2 Cigar of the Year in 2016, this Sun grown masterpiece is a fan favorite. It is unapologetically a full-bodied, broadleaf maduro wrapper with two Nicaraguan long-fillers. An honest-to-goodness treat if you love a full-bodied smoke. The flavors are earthy, nutty and bittersweet chocolate. The construction is impeccable and you’ll savor the long, satisfying finish. And all-around amazing cigar that won’t disappoint.

Rocky Patel cigars and sun grown wrappers were made for one another and you’ll discover just how true that is in every size of the fantastic Rocky Patel Sun Grown Cigars label. RP’s are some of the highest rated cigars we sell and fans are enthusiastic about their great taste, quality construction and smoking characteristics, along with the power they typically bring to the party. Add a tasty sun grown Ecuadorian Sumatra that enriched itself from the fertile soil to handle the elements it was exposed to and you’ve got a top quality powerhouse that any lover of strong cigars will certainly relish.

It’s amazing what one man can do with a decade of cigar experience behind him. That’s exactly what Rocky Patel has done with his 10th anniversary cigar, the Decade. One of Rocky Patel's finest creations impressively rated 95 by Cigar Aficionado. A dark oily Sumatra wrapper and Honduran long leaf filler offers a smooth, creamy and rich smoke. One of his best-sellers, and once you give it a try, you’ll understand why. A “must try” from the portfolio of one of the hardest working guys in the industry.

The Connecticut was one of Rocky’s first cigars. It is a mild-bodied smoke constructed with aged Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos and a seven-year-old Connecticut wrapper. It is a silky smooth cigar with notes of cream and spice.

Sometimes, Rocky Patel makes it appear too easy. He keeps improving on what many think are near-perfect cigars. Take the Decade Cameroon for example. After the Decade’s release, and the endless accolades it received, you would’ve thought to leave well enough alone. But not Rocky. Always experimenting with new flavors and profiles, he decided to put a Cameroon wrapper overtop Decade’s filler and binder. Instantly, it was a hit! A smooth, complex and surprisingly well-balanced profile was (and is) the result. You’ll enjoy the layers of flavors with wood, caramel, coffee and roasted nuts being among them. Try this exceptional smoke, today!

Rocky delivers again with this extension to the very popular Rocky Patel Connecticut line, the Broadleaf. This smoke is more complex and robust than the Connecticut, but every bit as delicious. Draped in a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, inside are the Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers with a smooth complexity with notes of cocoa, espresso, honey and pepper. This sumptuous Broadleaf is always worthy of your time. Try some today!  

It takes some boldness to follow in your big brother’s very accomplished steps, but that’s exactly what Nish Patel has done with this ‘bold’ offering. Nish spend five years perfecting this blend, and it was definitely worth the wait. The San Andres and Connecticut double binder wraps around premium Nicaraguan long-fillers that are jam- packed with flavors. Prepare yourself for the spicy burst of white pepper, cocoa, sweet spice and roasted coffee that boldly and robustly present themselves in this bold and intense smoke. Be bold. Try it today!

This medium-bodied and complex smoke is a far ‘cri’ from the ordinary! Distinctly Rocky Patel, it’s flavors are a ride that take you from earthy and charred meat, to slightly sweet with cocoa. Plus this cigar has a hybrid wrapper of Havana-seed that help round out the flavor of the Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers. A true one-of-a-kind experience. A balanced smoke with a touch of natural sweetness on the finish. Try the Rocky Patel Cri-Ojo today!

A Catch 22 is situation where you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. The only catch to this smoke is you’ll be damned if you don’t scoop up this deal. The reason this brand sells for significantly less than the rest of his lineup is for the very purpose that more budget-conscious smoker can enjoy the same premium cigar and a discount price. See? No catch. It’s all good! This medium-bodied smoke is rich and flavorful with notes of cocoa, rich earth and a luscious sweetness that will linger on the palate. Catch this one while you can!

Have you seen many Rocky Patel smokes from the Dominican Republic? Probably not, until now! This dark, near Oscuro wrapper is rich in flavors and a sleek beauty to behold and experience. The earthy character, caramel sweetness and underlying toastiness, and even hints of creme brulee make this delicious and gorgeous dark Dominican puro one you’ll have to experience for yourself.

A unique addition to the RP lineup, and this one is already a winner! It took home the #1 prize at the Honduran Cigar Festival in 2011 (the same year of its release). A Honduran puro with a hearty mix of long-leaf ligero fillers from Jamastran and Talanga Valley. Medium to full in body, this richly flavored and complex smoke has notes of espresso, tobacco, and spicy sweetness. Because it’s a limited-edition smoke it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll sell out soon. So when you can, get your hands on this unique edition!

When you reach a milestone birthday, what do you do? Well, if you’re Rocky Patel you blend a cigar to delight your palate with your favorite flavors. This full-flavored premium handmade perfectly balances all the earthy and sweet and spicy notes you’ve come to love in a RP cigar. This tasty Costa Rica binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers, are just the combo you’ll need to join into the celebration. A great choice for the money. Fifty-five has never looked so good!

Another premium smoke to add to the collection of his highest-rated cigars, is the Flor de San Andres. A stickler for quality, Rocky Patel makes sure each cigar has undergone rigorous tests to ensure it’s nothing short of perfection. Hailing from the rich soils of Honduras, this flower of a San Andres maduro wrapper unfolds into a bevy of flavors. It’s a mouthwatering, medium-bodied blend that offers an exceptional combo of espresso and chocolate flavors, with a spicy finish.

Hamlet Paredes is perhaps the best-known Cuban cigar roller. He would often travel internationally on behalf of the Cuban State-owned cigar industry to do in-store rolling demonstrations. Rocky Patel heard that Hamlet wanted to move his family to the United States, so he not only aided him in his immigration, but then set him up to work for him in Naples, Florida. Having never touched non-Cuban tobacco before moving to the US, Hamlet quickly learned how to use the new leaves. A Cuban-esque smoke if there ever was one, this release from Hamlet has a depth of flavor and richness of flavors normally found only in Cubans...until now. A smoke that will surely delight!

We love how Rocky Patel shares his success with his family. Rocky Patel’s cousin Nimish Desai has released his second cigar under his venerated cousin’s name. Nimmy D decided to go big with this bold Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and Honduran binder. Full-bodied, well-balanced and completely satisfying. Check out the Nimmy D today!

Erik Nording is a top-of-his-game pipe designer. But as a true lover-of-the-leaf, he reached out to another top-of-his game guy, Rocky Patel when he wanted to make his own exclusive cigar. This amazing collaboration between legends in their own craft has resulted in a top-rated smoke. Nording received a well-deserved 90 for this Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper which conceals a rich bouquet of Nicaraguan long-fillers. This dark, oily cigar has an even and consistent burn, and your tastebuds will delight in the steady notes of cedar, coffee and toast. The Nording is a must-try!

You don’t have to be a royal, to appreciate the finer things in life, including the Rocky Patel Royale. This box-pressed handmade features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and delightful blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers. A medium-bodied smoke with layers of flavors, including chocolate, almond, spice, espresso and

leather.  A delicious smoke, that won’t disappoint: the Rocky Patel Royale!

Purple has always been the color of royalty, and the Royal Vintage dons this regal color with style. This medium to full body smoke is rich with elegant flavors befitting royalty. The RP vintage is one of the mostly notable and memorable cigars blends he has produced. This purple beauty is handcrafted with dark, oily and aged Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers. The mellow profile has notes of cedar, leather, cocoa espresso, earth and spices. Ready for a royally good time? Order the Royal Vintage today!

An excellent choice for the mellow to medium-bodied smoker. This super-premium smoke has limited release each year because of the amount of A1 Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper that is harvested each year. This excellent cigar has rich flavor with aromas and flavors of toasted cedar, cashews and almonds. It’s smooth and buttery with a perfect finish. You’ll understand why this one bears his signature when you light it up. It’s got the impeccable quality you’ve come to appreciate in all of Rocky Patel’s smokes. Try it, you’re gonna love it!

The Super Ligero is for the smoker who isn’t afraid of a little punch in the gut. A super intense smoke with all the trappings to be a showstopper. Hailing from the Plasencia’s El Paraiso factory in the rich growing region of Danli, Honduras, the profile is laced with oak, cinnamon, white pepper and toasty tobacco, and literally holds nothing back. It’s the perfect finish to a malted scotch or porter. Hold onto your hats, and try the Super Ligero today!

Many didn’t believe that Rocky Patel could outdo his 15th Anniversary smoke. It may have taken him 5 years, but his 20th Anniversary smoke might’ve done it. The oak and hickory character in this box-pressed smoke is sure to enliven your evening. A gorgeous cigar with an elegant Honduran wrapper with long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua are sure to impress. Enjoy the spicy cinnamon zing and graham cracker and mineral finish on this anniversary smoke. Celebrate with the Twentieth today!

If you are a striver, a go-getter, someone with the heart to craft a vision and the will to do what it takes to make it a reality then Rocky Patel has a cigar he wants you to try. Chances are you’ll not only try the Edge by Rocky Patel but you’ll embrace it, savor it and relish the potency you experience in every puff. RP brands has built a reputation on delivering top quality smokes the true cigar lover can deeply appreciate. These cigars are rolled with tobaccos chosen because they offer cutting edge flavors the traditionalist will equate with the better Cubans he’s put the torch to. The newcomer to cigars will simply find the epitome of what he’s heard a great stogie should be.

The commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Rocky Patel Edge comes the A-10. This special release features a barber-pole wrapper that is a combination of Corojo and Maduro leaf. A highly-sought-after smoke, has a rich complexity inside. A visually stunning work of art, this gem is worthy of the the Edge name. Try this celebratory smoke today!

One of the joys of cigar smoking is the time it takes to enjoy your favorite stick. But sometimes, you need a quicker smoke, from a shorter stick. The Edge B52 fits that bill. This medium-to full body smoke maybe short in stature, but it lacks nothing in flavor! Using only the finest in premium long-filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, the B52 will definitely take the edge off. Order today!

Sometimes you need a change-of-pace cigar. The Edge Connecticut is a smooth, creamy and mellower reblend of the original Edge. The Connecticut wrapper softens the punch, and inside you’ll enjoy the robust blend of Honduran-grown tobaccos. Still complex, and plenty flavorful, the Edge just might take the edge off your week. Try some today!

An unapologetically full-flavored, full-tilt ride is the Edge Habano. In this series RP utilizes a perfectly aged and fermented Habano wrapper and only the finest and best tobaccos from the rich volcanic soils of Nicaragua. You’ll detect notes of cedar, spice, black pepper, cocoa and earth in this top-ranked smoke (#7 in 2015). It’s a winner no matter how you look at it. Order up some Edge Habano today!

Another ‘edgy’ release from the guy who knows a thing or two about how to make timeless and hearty cigars. The Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra is another full-bodied and full-strength release that is a ridiculously complex and satisfyingly smooth smoke. Like the name implies, an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is the draped with Nicaraguan long-fillers inside. It’s strong and spicy with wood and ground pepper notes...this is an edge you’ll wanna get close to. Try the Edge Sumatra today!

The Vintage 1990 features an amazing twelve-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper and a seven-year-old filler and binder. It is a mild to medium-bodied smoke that delivers a perfect balance of flavor, complexity and richness, along with smooth notes of earth, cedar and espresso.

The Vintage 1992 features a ten-year-old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper along with seven-year-old filler and binder tobaccos. It is a medium to full-bodied smoke that delivers enticing flavors of coffee and cedar followed by a long earthy finish.

Following his success of Vintage ‘90 and ‘92 comes the ‘99 Vintage Connecticut to complete the trilogy. And by many accounts, he might’ve saved the best for last. This exquisite 7-year-old Connecticut leaf wrapper hugs the equally-long-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers inside.  A mild and mellow buttery-smooth smoke might be the best choice for a morning smoke or a kickoff your relaxing weekend. A slightly spicy cigar with creamy notes of earth and wood inside, make this a truly enjoyable smoke.

Introduced in July of 2012 this limited release Box Press Edition has proved to be a huge success for the Rocky Patel Vintage Line. Only 1000 20-Count Boxes were released Available in Robusto, Toro and Torpedo sizes. Medium Body, Box Press, Cameroon...this blend is unique and full of sweet flavor from start to finish. You will be super excited that you picked up one of these Special Release Gems!

When Rocky Patel says a cigar is vintage, he means it. The Vintage 2006 proudly uses an 11-year-aged Mexican wrapper and Nicaraguan long-fillers and Connecticut Broadleaf binders. The result is an expertly crafted and balanced smoke that delivers a spicy, chocolate party in your hand. A perfect addition to the Vintage line, this medium bodied smoke has all the attention to detail and quality you’ve come to expect from Rocky Patel. Order some today!

The Vintage Segundos are the exact same cigars as the Vintage 1990 and 1992, only with small wrapper blemishes. Round and bandless due to being pulled from production before pressing, these discounted smokes come in bundles of 15. The Vintage 1990 features an amazing twelve-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper and a seven-year-old filler and binder. It is a mild to medium-bodied smoke that delivers a perfect balance of flavor, complexity and richness, along with smooth notes of earth, cedar and espresso.

Fifteen years in the cigar business, and the intensity continues to build, both for Rocky Patel, and his 15th Anniversary smoke. This slow burning medium-bodied smoke is laden with flavors that grow in intensity until it comes to a bold satisfying crescendo. Truly a cigar that will knock your socks off. This delicious smoke is wonderfully balanced and smooth, and at the same time, it won’t overpower you. Enjoy the savory notes of cocoa, espresso and spice in this Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with the luscious Nicaraguan tobaccos and binder. One of his finest, the 15th Anniversary!

You’re kind of a big deal when a cigar comes out to honor your birth year. And that’s exactly what the Rocky Patel 1961 is about, a cigar to honor the man who made the brilliant mid-life career shift from attorney to cigar legend. The 1961 is a medium-bodied blend that is perfectly constructed with a triple-cap over a seamless Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The flavor profile of this one opens up into a delicious bouquet of flavors and fragrances you’ll love including warm bread, and sweet cedary spice. 1961 was a good year, and an even better smoke!

It’s a tradition worth keeping. Don’t get grocery store smokes, when you can get a RP! Let’s be honest, she did most (ok all!) of the work, but a new life is definitely worth celebrating. This medium-bodied smoke is draped in a seamless Connecticut wrapper. It’s smooth and creamy and perfect for the first-timer or the veteran smoker. Not sure what she’s having? Or maybe twins? That deserves a box of each!

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ABOUTRocky Patel

Rocky, the man behind the brand, is part of a new generation of cigar makers that has produced some of the best cigar lines in the last couple of decades. Unlike so many of the leading lights in the industry, with names like Fuente, Oliva and Perdomo, Rocky was not raised to the art of growing great tobacco and rolling premium cigars. He has incredible respect for those revered families and their traditional ways, and emulates them in many labels such as the boxed pressed RP Vintage 1992 cigars. He came by cigar making very differently. Patel’s passion for producing great cigars began in Hollywood, and that is a long, long way from Esteli, Condega or the San Agustin Valley. As an attorney for cigar loving clients with names like Hackman and Schwarzenegger, he was offered a steady stream of Montecristos, Macanudos and Fuentes. How could he not fall in love with world class cigars?
His newfound hobby intersected his entrepreneurial spirit and ignited a passion. The cigar boom of the 1990’s was just beginning and he joined it on the production side, quickly making his way to the head of the class of newcomers that included brands like Drew Estates and Alec Bradley. He began scouring the finest growing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the DR in search of the best leaves he could find. Not beholden to any region or farm, his lines use the best of the best. The RP Vintage 1990 cigars feature Honduran tobaccos while the Sun Grown line employs Nicaraguan fillers. The RP fusion melds Nicaraguan, Honduran and Cameroon leaves with tasty results.
Rocky Patel continues to produce some of the most highly rated and beloved cigars produced anywhere. They emphasize excellent construction with a traditional look and near-perfect smoking qualities. Most Rocky Patel labels are moderately strong to very strong and deliver full flavor. When you smoke an RP cigar you will appreciate Patel’s superb blend of tradition and a cutting edge approach to making great cigars.
Our complete line of Rocky Patel Cigars: