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Opus X Cigars are the highest offerings from one of the leading cigar families in the world, Arturo Fuente, and as such they exemplify all the best ingredients, growing practices, and craftsmanship available. These cigars from the Dominican Republic contain the whole story of how dedicated cigar makers committed themselves to overcoming climactic challenges in order to take full advantage of some of the best soils in the tobacco-growing belt. The rich, fertile soils of this island nation have long been prized as the ground that nurtures robust, flavorful filler and binder tobacco.

The tale behind Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City cigar is so improbable and so intricate that it seems like the work of a Hollywood scriptwriter. In fact, the idea for the cigar emerged during the production of a Hollywood movie: The Lost City, a 16-year labor of love for actor/director Andy Garcia. As Garcia worked to film this powerful story about the struggles of a Cuban family during the Castro revolution, he received invaluable help from legendary cigar maker Carlito Fuente—and their collaboration resulted in the almost accidental birth of one of the worlds rarest and most extraordinary cigars.

The Anejo offers a full-bodied and full-flavored smoke. One of the rarest cigars in the world, the Anejo is a dark, oily cigar with a woody, slightly spicy flavor and a lush draw.  Production of this blend is extremely limited and these cigars are typically only available twice a year.

The Hemingway Line is truly a rich and well-balanced blend and finely compliments the Arturo Fuente line. While all sizes in this line are extremely popular, the Short Story is considered one of the world’s hottest cigars and is sought out by aficionados everywhere.

The Don Carlos, a full-bodied cigar wrapped in an oily, specially-selected Cameroon, is rich, spicy and especially toasty. The filler and binder are produced in the Dominican Republic and the wrapper in Cameroon.

Magnum R Rosado sungrown cigars are being released in four sizes and are each aptly named for their ring size. The Vitola 52, Vitola 54, Vitola 56 and Vitola 58. The essence of this new cigar is complemented by a new package and band design and presented in the same elegant trimmings that accompany all Arturo Fuente cigars.

“An all-consuming passion for cigars is the unsurpassed characteristic of Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Carlos Fuente, Jr., Chairman and President, respectively, of the Dominican Republic based Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., manufacturers of internationally renowned Arturo Fuente handmade cigars.”

Las Vegas is a place known for catering to those seeking a slice of the good life, and it delivers abundantly at times. While the casinos represent a lot of risk to gain any reward, one sure fire jackpot is found at the Casa Fuente Cigar Bar, where the Casa Fuente cigar line is the hottest game in town for cigar lovers. Created to be the house line of this popular Vegas stop, the line is now available in wider distribution, so cigar fans the world over looking for a safe best can enjoy these highly praised cigars. Like everything in Las Vegas, these stogies are dressed to kill in eye-pleasing shapes, sizes, and wrappers. But with these sticks, beauty isn’t just superficial. It goes all the way to the core, furnished by a select blend of tobaccos from the Arturo Fuente home turf in the Dominican Republic.

Prometheus and the world famous Fuente Family have done it again. A limited number of special edition Opus X cigars have been produced for this years Holiday Season. Already considered the worlds most exclusive and rare brand, these limited edition smokes are some of the most anticipated releases in the cigar industry year after year. The 2007 lot has just landed and this years selection is the best ever. All items are extremely limited and numbered. These fine cigars are a must for any collector or seasoned smoker. These unique items make a fantastic gift as well. Reserve your special edition Opus X Cigars today. Take advantage of these Extremely Rare Opus X Cigars and order yours today.


2006 was the 30th anniversary of Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars created by the patriarch of the Fuente family, Carlos Arturo Fuente. In a tribute to his father, Carlito Fuente created the Don Carlos 30th Anniversary cigars: Don Carlos Edición

de Aniversario.


"Forbidden X" is an exclusive brand that applies to non-regular release Opus X cigars! These are extremely limited and almost impossible to find through your local cigar shop, but here at we pride ourselves on providing you with the very best cigars from around the world and the Forbidden X is second to none!

These cigars are made with the legendary wrapper leaves from Chateau de la Fuente, the birthplace of a dream.

Carlito Fuente made Don Arturo Gran AniverXario cigars in 2001 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Arturo Fuente Cigar Company, which was founded by his grandfather in 1912. He planned to release Don Arturo Gran AniverXario cigars every year, starting in 2002, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. However, these cigars were never released.

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Gran  Reserva

Magnum R

Opus X

Opus X Singles

God of Fire

Opus X Coffins

Opus X Tins

An all-consuming passion for cigars is the unsurpassed characteristic of Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Carlos Fuente, Jr., Chairman and President, respectively, of the Dominican Republic based Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., manufacturers of internationally renowned Arturo Fuente handmade cigars.” Perhaps the best-known cigar family in the industry, the Arturo Fuente family’s cigar brand was born in 1912 in the Ybor City cigar district in Tampa, Florida. Up until the 1960s, cigars were made with Cuban tobacco. After the U.S. embargo with Cuba was instituted, the cigars were made with Dominican tobacco. In 1980, production was moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic, which remains the center of the familys tobacco production today.

The tobacco is grown on the family’s renowned plantation, Chateau de la Fuente. Arturo Fuente cigars are among the best in the world. Each cigar represents over four generations of perfecting the art of fine cigars by the Fuente family, which has been the cigar business for over a century. The Arturo Fuente line of cigars go all the way back to nineteenth century Cuba. Arturo Fuente learned the fine art of making cigars from his father as a boy before immigrating to Key West in 1906, where he began his career. Arturo next moved Tampa, then the cigar capital of the world. It was here that the first ever cigars bearing the Fuente name were rolled. After Arturo passed, his son, Carlos took over the family business and eventually moved to Nicaragua, where their factory was burned by the Sandinista rebels. In 1980 he moved the business to the Dominican Republic, where it currently operates.
Arturo Fuente is still a family company after all these years. It is currently ran by Carlos Fuente Jr. and Sr., who personally oversee the production of all Arturo Fuente cigars. The company has four factories, six plantations, and employs over two thousand people. All of the familys cigars are still hand-made with only finest quality tobacco. Every leaf is hand-selected from the familys private reserves, which are exclusively set aside for the making of these cigars. The tobacco is then hand-rolled with an African Cameroon, Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf, or Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper.

They are then aged to perfection inside one of the Fuentes Spanish Cedar Vaults. The Fuente family has dedicated itself to ensuring that every single cigar that bears their name would meet the high standards of the family patriarch Arturo. It takes years of experience and training before a cigar maker may begin working on A. Fuente Gran Reserva cigars. Each cigar is rolled exactly as Arturo did a century ago by masters of the craft. Opus X are the flagship line of the company, and its rarity has led to its consistent ranking as among the most sought-after cigar in the world. But the company also produces a wide variety of cigars of all sizes. Their Hemingway are widely renowned, as well as Anejo, Casa Fuente, and God of Fire are all popular. Other lines include the Don Carlos and the Lost City.
Additonal lines produced by Arturo Fuente include: