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ABOUTPerdomo Estate Vintage 1991

The Perdomo’s are the largest cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua, but they are too smart to let size prevent them from making small batches of really great cigars like the Perdomo Estate Vintage 1991 Cigars. These sticks were introduced in 2005 and right out of the box they met with high acclaim. Their vintage, nicely aged tobaccos exude the kind of classic taste and balance that traditional cigar lovers will go out of their way to find and will stick with once they are discovered. You’ll truly enjoy the mellow, smooth depth found in the tobaccos that have been reaching this tasty place for about 2 decades.
Each size of the Perdomo Estate Vintage 1991 Cigars is offered in 2 excellent wrappers. A top of the line Connecticut, like that found on the Perdomo Estate Vintage 1991 Aristicrata, gives these big, 7x50 stogies a splendid old-school look, feel and smoke. They are creamy smooth right down to the nub without the slightest hint of harshness. There is a slight, welcomed intensifying that occurs in the second half of a cigar this long. Good looking ash and an equally pleasant finish are hallmarks.
The dark Maduro is on nice display and very delicious in the Perdomo Estate Vintage 1991 Imperio, a diminutive 5x44 cigar that is just right for any time of the day. The 3 tobaccos in this blend become one, a complex and nuanced treat that owes its depth to the aging process behind the Perdomo Estate Vintage 1991 cigars. If you enjoy a first-rate African Cameroon then there’s something in this E.S.V. line for you, as well. The 2 tubed vitolas, the Maestro and the Nobleza are exquisitely dressed for success and incredible taste. These cigars offer good value and when you become familiar with their various personalities you’ll understand why they are so beloved.