Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler

Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler

Gurkha Sultan Box-Pressed 5-Star sampler includes:

1 - Gurkha Centurian (6.25 x 56)
1 - Gurkha Warlord (6.25 x 56)
1 - Gurkha Beast (6.25 x 56)
1 - Gurkha Titan (6.25 x 56)
1 - Gurkha Beauty (6.25 x 56)

If variety is the spice of life, Gurkha Cigars is about to spice your life the eff up with the Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler. This is a Gurkha sampler fit for a sultan (but a dude sitting on his porch can enjoy it, too).

You can't go wrong when you buy this sampler pack, it has the best of everything Gurkha Cigars has to offer, from the world-class Centurion to the sweet and nutty Beauty. Here are some of the sticks you can enjoy from your Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler.

Gurkha Warlord

You can tell by the name that this cigar is not for the faint of heart. A large Vitola, the Warlord weighs in at 6.7 x 60 and rides in on horseback to pillage your senses. It's not just the size that's intimidating, but the flavors are bold enough to make you question your manhood. One of the most full-bodied Gurkhas on the market, the Warlord has nuttiness, spiciness, and woodsy overtones. But it also has a slow, cool burn to help temper the intensity of the flavors.

It's a great after-dinner smoke when you're going to sit for at least an hour and digest. It also goes well with fermented mare's milk (hey, it's what the Mongolian horse lords drink).

Gurkha Centurion

The Gurkha Centurion was made for one of the world's richest and most powerful men, the Sultan of Brunei. For him, this is a daily smoke, a beautifully rolled torpedo with two tapered ends. It has a creamy, nutty flavor profile with an exciting burst of spice at the final third. The Gurkha Centurion is a perfect smoke for a lazy afternoon with the Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler.

Gurkha Beast

It's a gentle beast, but a beast nonetheless thanks to its complexity. This large stick, coming in at 6" with a hefty 58 ring gauge, is a much more even and medium-bodied stick than you might expect from its large silhouette. Wrapped in a toothsome and oily wrapper, the filler is a mix of Dominican, Columbian, and Honduran leaves.

This is a surprisingly smooth smoke, with hints of cocoa and cedar but little to no spice. This stick smokes slowly, so give yourself time to enjoy it. Gurkha is serious about the Beast; they age these sticks for a minimum of 8 years.

Gurkha Titan

Released in limited edition batches, Titans are regarded as some of the very finest Gurkha cigars on the market for those who like intriguing notes.

They start smoky and spicy, but the flavors round out in the middle third to cherry wood and grassy notes. A pleasant afternoon or evening smoke, some noted a slight hint of leather and anise in the final third.

Gurkha Beauty

The Gurkha Beauty is a refined stick with a surprising floral bouquet that comes from the 5-year aged tobacco and premium grade Connecticut seed wrapper. The mild flavor profile has a sweet hint of spice that never overpowers. With a nutty and cedary finish, this smoke gets smoother as it nears the final third and is an excellent mid-morning companion for a coffee break.

No matter which sticks you choose from your Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler, you'll always be pleasantly surprised by what you find in there. From the sweet and sultry Gurkha Beauty to the aggressive and flavorful Warlord, there's a cigar for every occasion.

Please enjoy the Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler at your leisure.

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Gurkha Sultan 5-Star Sampler

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