Gurkha 10ct Churchill Pk Sampler

Gurkha 10ct Churchill Pk Sampler Gurkha 10ct Churchill Pk Sampler

Gurkha Churchill Box Sampler includes:

1 - Gurkha Beast Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Titan Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Assassin Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Status Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Beauty Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Grand Age Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Archive Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha Black Dragon Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha G3 Churchill (7 x 52)
1 - Gurkha G5 Churchill (7 x 52)

When you buy a sampler of Churchills, you generally want some serious size to produce a long smoke session. These mammoth Gurkha cigars take their name from Winston Churchill, the fearless prime minister of England who was notorious for his love of fine cigars that he could keep enjoying for hours on end.

A Gurkha 10-Count Churchill Sampler gives you a taste of all that these long smokes have to offer. Whether you like to pair the moment to the cigar or enjoy variety, you won't be disappointed with the large sticks in these Gurkha sampler packs.

What Are Churchills?

Legend has it that the cigar size was born when Churchill visited the Romeo y Julieta factory in Cuba, although other sources state that this size didn't come about until the 1950s. Regardless of the integrity of its origin story, a Churchill is synonymous with a large, bold cigar. Officially, a Churchill is 7" long with a ring gauge of 47. Most testers and reviewers consider any stick longer than 6" with a ring gauge of a minimum of 47 large enough to be dubbed a Churchill.

No matter how you smoke it, it's a big cigar. It may not look like much, but when you line up a Robusto next to a Churchill, there's certainly a lot more cigar on the Churchill side.

The extra inches translate into more smoking time and a bigger flavor. You should plan for an additional 30 to 60 minutes of smoking time, rounding out this stick's total burn time at 90 minutes to two hours (unless you're huffing it like a madman, in which case get the puke bucket ready ahead of time).

Gurkha Beast Churchill

This cigar is aptly named, and when you get it in the Churchill size, it's an experience to remember. With hints of cocoa and cedar, the Beast is a long-smoking cigar, especially at 7.00 in length. It's medium- to full-bodied, but surprisingly not overpowering, despite the name.

Gurkha Titan Churchill

The Dominican, Honduran, and Columbian filler in the Titan is aged a minimum of five years. Rolled in an oily Nicaraguan wrapper, this stick starts with a kick. A burst of spice welcomes in the cedar and pepper notes that create a smooth draw with lots of velvety smoke and a complex bouquet.

Gurkha Assassin Churchill

With its distinctive torpedo shape, the Churchill Assassin has a lot of charisma and complexity. A full-bodied cigar with a touch of sweetness and tons of refinement, the Assassin Churchill is not for the faint of heart.

Gurkha Beauty Churchill

With its smooth floral notes and elegant silhouette, the Gurkha Beauty is only fully appreciated when smoked in the Churchill form. It's a mild stick, perfect for a lazy afternoon, and has notes of coffee, cream, and leather, with brown sugar to round it out.

If you have the luck to find yourself with a Gurkha 10-Count Churchill Sampler, you'll have many pleasant hours of smoking at your fingertips. From the complex vintage filler of a Gurkha Assassin to the light floral notes of a Beauty, you'll definitely find something you like.

Please enjoy the Gurkha 10-Count Churchill Sampler at your leisure.

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Gary F.
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Great deal

Excellent service

James L.
United States United States


I bought 3 packs of them. A few of them had been dry. Couple of the fell apart as the wrapper came off but i like gurkha

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Gurkha 10ct Churchill Pk Sampler

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