Full Flavor Cigars: 6 Cigars for People Who Love Strong Flavors

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Full Flavor Cigars


To people who don’t like the smell of cigars, there are no weak or mild cigars—they’re all strong. But to those of us who love cigars, we know that some are mellow and some give your senses a workout. In this post, you’ll find six sticks that don’t pull any punches.

CAO – Brazilia

Brazil is nothing if not “flavorful,” and this cigar featuring a Brazil-leaf wrapper brings the full personality of one of South America’s most lively locations. Aged Nicaraguan filler rounds out the profile. You’ll find flavors of the earth, flowers, toast, and nuts, along with plenty of body. This one is a whole meal! Have it after a stuffing session at your local Brazilian barbecue if you really want to go over the top.

Rocky Patel – The Edge

No matter which wrapper you choose, you’re in for a treat. This is a dizzying blend of complex notes assembled by the masters at Rocky Patel. The Corojo-wrapper version delivers lush dessert-y flavors but finishes dry in the end. The Maduro version provides a distinct pepper hit that mellows into molasses as you continue through the stick.

Either way, bring your taste buds.

Oliva – Serie V Melanio

This is, simply put, a marvelous cigar.

It’s one of those that you kind of fall in love with as soon as you open the box. Featuring a dark Sumatra leaf on the outside and Nicaraguan Ligero on the inside, the Serie V Melanio from Oliva takes you on a journey of flavor from dark cacao, to toast, notes of coffee, and beyond. This cigar has a killer rating, so if you’re into exquisite flavor, get out your notebook and sink into your favorite chair. 

This is definitely a smoke we could enjoy blindfolded.

La Gloria Cubana – Serie R

What do you get when you cross M​exico, the Dominican, Brazil, and Nicaragua? An amazing fútbol tournament? An off-the-walls barfight in a border town? How about a mind-blowing cigar experience? Maybe all three are correct, but this powerhouse blend is one you don’t want to miss in cigar form.

Let us know if you survive it!

Punch - Gran Puro

This all-Honduran was on many top lists of the past few years. Floral notes, sweetness, and fruits are the most commonly tasted flavors. If you think that means it’s light and nice, you’re definitely mistaken. This one is true to the name and definitely hits above its weight class.

Alec Bradley – Tempus Maduro

Is this the best smoke Alec Bradley has to offer? Many think it is.

The rich blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers will give you a full tour of woody and nutty flavors while also providing some gentle sweetness. If your last cigar left you disappointed, pick this one up. You can count on the Tempus Maduro when all else fails. 

Alright, flavor junkies—let us know if any of these can satisfy. We’d also love to hear what your go-to’s are when you want flavor and tons of it!

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