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It's hard to imagine a more classic cigar smoking opportunity than fishing. You, the water, a cooler (or maybe two - one for the fish, one for the brews), maybe a buddy... and all day to smoke your favorite cigar. Watch out for the occasional splash and you'll be golden. So what are the best cigars for fishing? Here are some nice choices for your next trip out on the water.

Camacho - Liberty Series

Fishing = freedom, so the Liberty series fits perfectly. A person can disappear for hours at a time scouting out new spots to anchor a boat and try their luck. There are few limits on where your boat can take you, and this Camacho stick will last while you explore them all. This cigar is a tasty smoke that's all Nicaragua. Notes of cedar, other woods, and even a bit of vanilla are in store for those who toast it up.

Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate - Miami

Headed out sport fishing for marlin? Grab "The Miami". Headed out for perch in your local pond? Grab "The Miami". Have to scoop out "Goldy" from your daughter's neglected fishbowl? Grab "The Miami". There's no wrong time for a great smoke. This 90+-rated smoke gives you delicious dark, earthy flavors like chocolate and nuts. It should be a good inspiration as you figure out how to cook up those fish you're pulling in. And even if you don't pull any in, you still got to spend the whole day away from it all. Not a bad deal.

La Flor Dominicana - Air Bender

To us, a master caster with a rod and a reel is an "Air Bender." So this is the right stick for fly fishermen and women headed out to Montana's cool rivers. This cigar will NOT disappoint you. It's been a top 25 pick and offers good strength, a meaty body, and excellent flavors. With this smoke in your teeth, that hook's going wherever you say it is.

My Father Cigars - The Judge

Fishing is an interesting hobby in that you can approach it two ways, and both are fine: 1) totally mindlessly, and 2) like a master hunter. The first way is fine for days when you're too burnt out to give a damn. Cast, reel, repeat. The second way is great for days when you want a challenge, and you want to find where those little suckers are hiding. You can scan all the spots, judge the best ones, and then head out to land a lunker. If you're in for a bit of strategy with your fishing, this is your smoke. Two well-chosen binders that deliver tons of flavor and spice have made this one a top pick on many lists. See you on the water, friends. We'll follow the smoke signals.