The 5 Best Cigars for Sundays | Premium Cigar Blog | Cigars Direct

Ah, Sunday... It's a day that should be one of the most glorious of the week, but often the dread of the week to come ruins things. However, when you're smoking a cigar in your own yard, balcony, stoop, or truck bed, everything just seems to melt away a bit, right? Here are the five best cigars for Sundays. Enjoy!

Viaje - Oro

"Oro" means gold, and relaxing in the Sun on the Sun's own day gives you a way to bask in the golden goodness. Reviewers find this smoke from Viaje has a number of flavors (coffee, cinnamon) and a creamy finish. Kick back and explore it for yourself at the end of your next week!

Alec Bradley - American Classic Blend

What's a more classic American activity than sitting around on a Sunday and doing exactly nothing? This is the smoke for people who want to enjoy their freedom to the fullest - by not being bothered by any of the cares of the world on the weekend. The boss can have the other days of the week. Sunday is yours (unless the boss wants you to work overtime, in which case, damn it all to Hell!) This medium-bodied woodsy blend is smooth and enjoyable. You won't be disappointed.

Cuesta Ray - Centenario

Has it been a hundred years since your last break? Are you working nine jobs and still barely making ends meet? This affordable smoke is your best friend. Creamy, smooth, and a small treat in a world that's kicking your ass. See you in another hundred, friend. Hang in there.

Espinosa - Dread

Oh no. The rest of the week is coming. You know that feeling. Friday and Saturday have been squandered. There's no way to go back to the carefree feeling you had then, right? Well, maybe. Pick up a cigar and puff away. Let this smoke from Espinosa transport you to somewhere else. By the way, the makers intended this one to be "dread" as in "dreadlock," so if Jamaica is your happy place, maybe this one can transport you away after all. Complex flavors (roasted nuts, tree fruit) will keep you focused on smoke instead of whatever's waiting for you come Monday.

Gar - Opium

Wish you were nodding off in an opium den for the next 8 hours? Well, we don't sell products that fill that need, but we DO sell cigars that can help you relax with what's left of your weekend. This is a very rich smoke that will command your attention and reward your senses. Try to chill out. After all, another Sunday is right around the corner, right? Hey, if you're really enjoying yourself, you can always call in on Monday.