Selecting the Right Humidor for You

by Juan Panesso
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So you want to buy a humidor, eh? That's a great idea because they're the best way to make sure your valuable cigars stay in perfect smoking shape over weeks, months, or even years. But the kind of humidor that will work best for you depends on what kind of cigar smoker you are, how many cigars you want to have on hand, where you want to keep the humidor, and your own personal style.

It can be hard to balance all of these considerations and pick the right humidor.

The last thing you want is to invest in the well-crafted, potentially pricey humidor your cigars deserve only to find it can only hold half your stogies!
But never fear, we're going to break down how to select the right humidor for you.

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Basic Features and Care

Alright, before we get into how to choose the right high-quality humidor to meet your needs, let's take a look at how to separate the wheat from the chaff. It can be tempting to buy the cheapest humidor you can find on Amazon or eBay, but odds are they'll just make your favorite sticks dry out like a tadpole in the Sahara.
Don't waste your time buying a glorified box just to save a few bucks. Your humidor is going to protect and age your favorite cigars—probably thousands of dollars worth of sticks over your lifetime. So it is worth it to spend a bit more to make sure they're well taken care of.

How can you tell if a humidor is legit? The first thing to look for is whether it is lined with Spanish cedar. That's the wood that cigar boxes are traditionally made from and it is ideal for keeping cigars at the perfect temperature and humidity without affecting their flavor; we don't know a single humidor worth buying that isn't full of the stuff.

Once you've confirmed that the inside is made of cedar, make sure that your potential humidor has an airtight seal and an integrated hygrometer to measure the relative humidity. This will help you maintain the perfect conditions for aging your best cigars. Humidors get bonus points for having a refillable humidifier that fits into the lid. This handy feature lets you fill the entire humidor with precious stogies instead of having to wedge a humidifier in among the sticks. It doesn't sound like much, but space is at a premium in a humidor.

Beyond these basic features, it depends on what you want out of your humidor. If you get a giant bureau-sized one for your master collection, you probably want it to have an outlet on the inside for your electric humidifier. If you have kids, consider getting one with a lock. Poke around and see what makes sense for your needs.

Choosing the Right Size

Just because you don't want to run out of space does not mean that you need to get a 1500-capacity humidor if you only smoke twice a year with your cousin from Milwaukee. You should buy a humidor that matches your cigar habits. So what does that look like?

If you're a casual cigar smoker, you'll probably do well with a 50 capacity humidor. We're talking about people who smoke once or twice a week, give or take. These humidors are pretty affordable and unobtrusive and will hold a year’s worth of smokes. They can even work for more regular smokers who don't care about aging their cigars more than the week or two needed to rehydrate after shipping.

But the more serious you are about collecting and aging cigars, the bigger your humidor needs to be. Avid collectors should consider humidors that count their capacity in hundreds and even ones that go over a thousand. Especially if you go through stogies like a freight train, you might want a behemoth. But that same humidor might also work for someone who smokes once a month but loves collecting cigars and aging them for years. Again, it depends on what your needs are.

Also, just about any cigar smoker should have a travel humidor. They're relatively cheap and when you hit the road you're going to be glad you got one. Smaller travel models are even great options for bringing sticks to a buddy's house or the cigar lounge: they'll keep your sticks safe and look much better than Ziploc bags.

A Note on Wood:

Generally, you want a humidor made from wood. Spanish cedar is a great option.

It's All About Style

You've decided what size of humidor you're looking for and know how to tell legit humidors from their fake counterparts. What's next?

Well, you're gonna have this humidor in your house, office, car, or man cave for years. You shouldn't just think of it as a cigar accessory. Think of it as a piece of furniture that you're buying. It should fit with the other furniture in the room and should reflect your own personal sense of style.

Do you love dark wood, leather upholstery, and the like? Then traditional mahogany and glass humidors might be up your alley. But if that seems a bit too stuffy for you, there are so many awesome designs coming out every day that the options are endless. Artsy humidors are all the rage and you can choose looks without compromising on functionality.

Check out our Art Collection Humidors to see the range of styles that you can get nowadays.

You're now officially prepared to buy your very own humidor!

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