5 Christmas Cigars to Leave Out for Santa Claus

by Juan Panesso
Santa Claus smoking cigar and drinking beer


We all know that while Santa never resists a generous plate of milk and cookies, a nice fat stogie would be a truly welcome sight resting on the table by the Christmas tree. Even in the famous "A Visit from St. Nicholas" poem, Santa is described as puffing on a pipe with smoke circling his head like a wreath, so we know he enjoys some fine-aged tobacco.

If you want to stay on the nice list, you need to give Father Christmas the goods. On this list, we’ve got five great Christmas cigars that would be sure to put a smile on jolly old Saint Nick’s face. Be sure to leave a lighter and cutter out too, so he doesn’t have to waste any of that Christmas magic on lighting up!

Rocky Patel Winter Collection

First up on our list of Christmas cigars, which were undoubtedly made for this time of year, is the Rocky Patel Christmas collection. Rocky Patel was clearly thinking of the snowy north on one of those hot Florida nights at his facility when he came up with this one. Perhaps his AC was malfunctioning and he needed to think cool thoughts.

Cigar Aficionado gave the Rocky Patel Winter Collection blend a solid 90-point rating. It features a rich mixture of Nicaraguan tobacco, which is all the rage these days. There’s also some Honduran leaf thrown in there for good measure. Thanks to that potent leaf, the smoke is peppery, spicy, and sweet enough to make good old Saint Nick believe he’s got a bit of gingerbread cookie sprinkled in with his tobacco. 

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

But what if Santa’s a cigar snob?

Well, just give him this 95-point wonder smoke. The Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro has been topping the charts for years and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Oliva’s best tobacco goes into this blend, creating a cigar that consistently ranks among the best maduros on the market. Hands down.

An exquisite Oliva Nicaraguan leaf fills the inside of this Christmas cigar, while a carefully-selected Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper finishes things off. Like the RP Winter Collection, this one has a spicy pepper kick, but the complex layers of flavor put this one in a class above. Earth, walnut, and Café Cubano notes will make this one a gift to remember for the fat man in red who’s always been so good to us all.

JFR Lunatic Loco Maduro

This one’s really going to jingle your bells—meet the JFR Lunatic Loco Maduro! 

Santa’s a big guy, right? So leave him one of these super big ring gauge monsters in case he wants something over the top. 

Aganorsa Leaf, who supplied the tobacco for this blend, explains that "You need to be a little crazy to smoke these cigars." Ring gauges go from the 60-gauge El Loquito to the 80-sized El Gran Loco. 

This full-strength cigar builds on the Habano version of Cigar Aficionado’s 93-rated #7 cigar of 2018. The inside blend is pure Nicaragua, while the wrapper is a shade-grown Jalapa Corojo wrapper. It’s peppery, leathery, and chocolatey. Designed for people who like to rock around the Christmas tree all night long, Pair this one with some spiked homemade eggnog and see if you’re still puffing on it when Santy Claus shows up – it should last a few hours!

Rocky Patel / Drew Estate Java Mint

It’s time for some holiday flavor, right? Let’s leave Santa a nice Rocky Patel/Drew Estate Java Mint cigar. It’s just like a York peppermint patty in cigar form – a delicious and fun treat; that is tailor-made for the holidays.

This Christmas cigar relies on Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler blend and then features a flavorful Brazilian Mata Fina Maduro wrapper for the cover leaf (a Drew Estate signature). However, that alone won’t give you the signature flavors of coffee, chocolate, or mint. For that, you need Drew Estate’s highly effective and secretive infusion method. Although we don't know exactly how they do it, rumor has it that the tobacco is placed in an infusion chamber with botanicals, essential oils, and herbal extracts that help enhance its flavor.

The Java Mint smokes up like a peppermint mocha coffee. Leave the two together on your cookie plate for Santa and give Kris Kringle something that not even Mrs. Claus has in her pantry!

Room 101 Miami Snow

Let’s leave Santa with one last gift—something that will help him get through the long night of work ahead of him. How about some Miami Snow? Doesn’t that sound festive? Coca-what? We don’t know what you’re talking about; this is a Christmas cigar if we ever saw one. we are not quite sure why everyone is jumpy, yelling, and sweating bullets all over the place…

Miami Snow is a rich Honduran cigar with a handsome Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on it. AJ Fernandez blended this one up with Matt Booth, and the results are creamy, nutty, and perfect for a frosty winter’s night with a little amaretto or even butterscotch schnapps.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and to all a good smoke!

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