Three Soothing Thanksgiving Cigars for After Dinner

by Juan Panesso
Family sitting around a table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner


There are some things that Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be complete without.

  1. A mountainous plate of food.

  2. Beers and football.

  3. A seat on the couch that you occupied for so long that your buttprint won’t come out for hours.

As for cigar lovers, we'll enjoy a nice fat stogie after the big meal.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. For this short list of Thanksgiving cigars, we’ve got three recommendations—one mild, one medium, and one full. Once you’re stuffed like a turkey and ready to digest, bring one of these cigars along with you and blow some smoke rings.

The pie will be out eventually, so don’t pass out just yet!

Mild(ish) Thanksgiving Cigar: Ace Prime Pichardo Reserva Familiar Connecticut

You knew it would be a CT for the mild selection, right? It’s basically the law in this day and age. Although this one has medium strength, its flavor profile is still fairly mellow. Besides, when you're stuffed full of gravy and green bean casserole, you're able to handle more potency.

This one received a very respectable 92 points from Cigar Aficionado. In a way, it can be considered a dessert on its own. As for the Reserva Familiar CT, these are the judges' evaluations: “A bit of exposed binder protrudes from the foot of this tan toro, which is sweet and nutty with a citrus zest and a touch of minerals. It takes flame well and draws evenly, also showing hints of chestnut, vanilla and dried date.”

After eating two to three plates of turkey day food, doesn't that sound nice?

If you enjoy sports, this brand has been engaging in some intriguing collaborations and partnerships with athletes. One of the founding members of Ace Prime (soon to be Luciano Cigars) was NBA veteran Tiago Splitter. Another one was Don Eradio Pichardo, who in fact ran a cigar factory. Check out some of the other Ace Prime blends if you're looking for additional Thanksgiving cigars to enjoy with football or NBA games.

Medium Thanksgiving Cigar: Charter Oak Habano

Here’s another 92-point smoke, but the experience of puffing on the Charter Oak Habano is a bit more robust than the Connecticut smoke above. This medium-strength cigar, which has notes of nuts, pepper, walnut shell, and sweet cappuccino, is great to smoke after dinner. We wouldn't be surprised if you decided to substitute this for pie.

If you've never tried Charter Oak, you should make it your Thanksgiving cigar. The line comes from one of our own homegrown cigar men: Nick Melillo. Nick was born and raised in Connecticut, and his passion for tobacco eventually inspired him to found Foundation Cigars, a company that creates Charter Oak blends. The name pays homage to a famous Hartford white oak tree that served as a famous hiding place for Connecticut's charter when English Royalists threatened to seize it.

In general, the Charter Oak is a representation of American independence and one of the main things for which we are grateful each year. Thus, this is a fitting smoke to light up as a Thanksgiving cigar.

Full Thanksgiving Cigar: Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo

Any cigar that is offered in a "bulldozer" size indicates that it is a powerful cigar. You’ll need to translate from Spanish, but La Niveladora is the box-pressed 6x52 vitola named after every kid’s favorite piece of construction equipment.

The 3-year-old Nicaraguan tobacco used in the filler blend and the intimidatingly dark and oily corojo wrapper give this Thanksgiving cigar its strength. It’s best saved for after a big meal. This was referred to by Joya as "the embodiment of the Nicaraguan Power Cigar." It naturally corresponds with National Stuff Yourself Silly Day.

A tobacco feast roll infused with spice, espresso, dark chocolate, and cashew hints. For those who can handle a big meal and still want to puff afterward, this cigar is for you.

So there you have it: three cigars for Thanksgiving to please a range of palates. No matter what kind of plate you fix yourself, we are aware that you will want to smoke afterward. These are a few cigars that might be handy to have on hand whether you're planning to light up and cool off on the porch or transform the living room into a hazy, smoke-filled haven.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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