Drew Estate's ACID Blondies: A Spectrum of Shades

by Juan Panesso
Distinguished gentleman sitting on a leather chair, holding a cigar.


Drew Estate cigars are the gold—or should we say, blonde?—standard of infused cigars for a reason. There is no doubt that these delectable cigars are some of the best-selling infused sticks on the market. They are unique, tasty, and always offer something new.

The ACID line includes a lot of different smokes. In this post, we’ll break down the popular Blondie sub-line to give you a feel for the differences between them and perhaps help guide some who aren’t sure where to start.

Drew Estate 'ACID Blondie'

It all started with this. It is sweet, mellow, and simple to smoke. It's perfect for new or experienced smokers who just need something that might be tolerated at a party where lighting up a CAO Brazilia and blowing potent smoke everywhere might not be appreciated. It fulfills its purpose well and is a very enjoyable quick smoke.

When we want to smoke a cigar but also need to keep our minds on something else, we like to light up smokes like this. It can’t be one we’ll get lost in, or we’ll never get our project finished. It has to be something undemanding. A Drew Estate ACID Blondie does quite nicely in those situations.

Drew Estate ‘ACID Blondie Maduro’

Okay, now we’re branching out. We've taken a Blondie, but the wrapper is a chocolatey Maduro rather than a Connecticut shade. This slightly alters the flavor profile. While the flavors of honey and citrus are still present, you will also taste distinct notes of light cocoa. For those seeking a little more from a laid-back blend, this is a more sophisticated and complex rendition of the Blondie experience.

Drew Estate ‘ACID Blondie Belicoso’

Did the classics appeal to you? This is its big brother. It's the same smoke, but it lasts longer and provides a more prolonged experience. According to the majority of smokers, this is still fantastic for casual smoking, unwinding, smoking in public, puffing on the golf course, etc. There is no difference in flavor; only the size.

Drew Estate ‘ACID Blondie Red’

Let's take the blend and wrap it in a Cameroon leaf! With this stronger cigar, you get a more varied flavor experience. You can purchase Blondie Red if you thought the originals were a little too mild for your tastes and you want an infusion that changes things up. 

(It's also great if you just can't decide between blondes and redheads and want both together.) 

Drew Estate ‘ACID Blondie Gold’

Okay, let's change the flavor of the Blondie by wrapping it in a Sumatra wrapper. This version maintains the same mellow and smooth quality as the others; this is sort of the Blondie line's trademark. These cigars aren't intended to kick you in the ass. There are plenty of other stogies designed to do that. Instead, these are your “easy riders.” Relax and allow your thoughts to wander. For those who don't like cigars that are overpowering, they make a great sharing option. It all comes down to having a good flavor that doesn't go overboard.

Drew Estate ‘ACID Blondie Candela’

This blend, which includes green tea, smokes quickly and has a variety of delicious flavor notes (Or perhaps we're simply drawn to "green" flavors because we're puffing on a green cigar).

Candela wrappers used to be fairly common, but these days everyone wants to be a certain shade of brown, especially when it comes to the dark, brooding, mysterious cigars you can smoke while hiding in a room corner and thinking evil, un-PC thoughts. There is no denying that you are a bad guy. Everyone is terrified of your snarling bike, your bushy beard, and your hunter's eyes.

At least in your mind.

For the rest of us, there is a warm green candela wrapper that transports us to the 1960s and its cigars, before everything went to shit.

Oh, forget it. By that point, it was already a mess. In fact, we'd love to learn more about a time when things weren't going to shit.

Anyhow, those are the Blondies from the Drew Estate. Any questions?

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