Great Humidors at Every Size: 5 Top Picks from Our Stores

by Bianca Daboin
Cigars laid out on display in a small humidor


Humidors are a must-have accessory for any serious cigar collector or even casual smoker. They keep your cigars from drying out and keep them in peak condition.

If you let your cigars get too dry, they will smoke hot and fast and lose a lot of their flavor. Worse yet, they might unravel or crack while being cut. When your cigars are too moist, they will produce tongue-burning steam when lit—they may even mold!

A humidor with a hygrometer that measures humidity and a humidifier that keeps the cigar-storing conditions right can make a world of difference in how your cigars smoke and how long they last. Plus, many cigars get better if you age them for months or years in a top-quality humidor.

Types of Humidors

Humidors come in a variety of sizes and styles, and each will be more comfortable for different people. A casual smoker might be content with a humidor that holds 50 cigars whereas a collector might need a humidor that holds 1000 cigars or more—other people will fall somewhere in between.

Plus, your cigars have to stay fresh while you're on the road, not just at home or work. Therefore, travel humidors are a great addition to any collection.

Just because humidors are functional doesn't mean that they have to be dull, either. Manufacturers are starting to move beyond the traditional mahogany-and-glass boardroom look and have some more fun with their humidors.

Top 5 Humidors from the Cigars Direct Store

Whether you like edgy designs or classic wood styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are our favorite choices for each size:

Travel Humidor: Graffiti 15-Count

Would you like to keep your favorite cigars in shape while traveling on business trips, vacations, or long hauls? Check out the Graffiti 15-Count Travel Humidor!

A black-and-white pattern adorns this bad boy's jet-black surface with graffiti-style writing. This humidor features the names of the world's most famous cigar brands and blenders, letting you honor the people who bring us our favorite cigars while displaying your rebellious style.

Humis like this one are not meant to compromise quality for looks either: they're cedar-lined, airtight, solid, and lightweight. It includes a hygrometer and humidifier slot on the lid, as well as a premium cutter and stainless steel ashtray with the same design as the humidor.

50-Count: Jungle Love

Whether you're a modest collector or a casual smoker, this art-collage humidor is the perfect accessory. Thanks to its superior craftsmanship and mellow, yet distinctive design, this is a lively addition to your residence or office.

With its calming image collage from the era of free love, this piece makes for an excellent conversation piece and will turn any Grateful Dead fan’s head. Inside the lid, the gold-colored hygrometer and humidifier are discrete and classy additions that allow cigars to rest comfortably without causing room problems for humidifiers.

On that note, the bottom has a compartment that will hold up to 50 cigars, and you can organize your collection by dividing it in two

Inside view of the Blue Bamboo 100-count Humidor from Cigars Direct.

100-Count: Blue Bamboo

Take a walk on the classy side with this elegant Blue Bamboo humidor.

Boxes like this are the type that would house a ninja's secret weapons or a traditional tea set: discreet enough to convince your spouse to let you keep it in the living room while appealing enough to earn compliments from guests and smoking buddies. Moreover, its 100-cigar capacity makes it ideal for people who are interested in collecting and aging premium cigars without the expense of a cabinet-style humidor.

Daily smokers will also find that this humidor does a good job of keeping their favorite cigars in top shape.

600+ Count: The West End Table Humidor

Once you decide that you want to become a serious cigar collector, things can get real expensive, real fast. The challenge is finding humidors large enough for your collection without breaking your budget. You can't really fill your house with a dozen 50-count humidors either. 

Enter the West End Table Humidor. This beauty will ease your cigar growing pains with its accessible price tag and serious capacity.

The top section includes a drawer for your favorite stogies, as well as three shelves behind glass doors that let your collection age in peace. Either keep your sticks in their boxes for maximum capacity and protection from the elements or lay them out on the shelves to really earn compliments for style. The shelves are angled to maximize viewing pleasure and the beautifully-grained wood is classic without being overly traditional.

1000+ Count: Aging Vault Humidor

Ready to open up your own cigar shop? This massive humidor would just about fit the bill!

A kiln-dried Spanish cedar liner and maximum airflow between compartments ensure optimum humidity control. This piece of furniture is crafted with attention to detail and is a solid piece of premium furniture as well as an ideal aging device. The walnut-stain and classic design make it a great addition to any home, office, or smoking den.

A large cabinet at the bottom gives you enough room to age over a thousand cigars in their boxes and to install an electric humidifier. You can also plug in the humidifier at the back of the cabinet, which has an outlet. Atop this compartment are ten drawers, each with 24 slots for securely storing your favorite cigars. 240 cigars are at your fingertips at a time, either to smoke or to show off, plus another thousand or so in boxes below. Casual smokers and collectors might find this overkill, but when cigars are all you need, the Aging Vault Humidor is just right. 

Final Word for Serious Collectors.

Don’t let your precious stogies get left out in the cold, and don’t even think about “making do” with a mid-range humidor. Cigars Direct is here to serve up the perfect humidor for you, whoever you are.

Cigars Direct is proud to be the best source for today’s top brands, including Art Collection Travel Humidor Sets. Check out our online store to shop all our humidor lines and find the perfect humidor for storing and showing off your most prized cigars. Can’t decide which one to try next? Let us figure it out for you—join our Cigar of the Month Club today!