50 Reasons to Smoke a Cigar

by Juan Panesso
Man Smoking Cigar


There are so many reasons why cigars are the best. They help you relax, add an extra special experience to your get-together, and pair incredibly well with some of your favorite drinks. 

Cigars are the perfect companion to virtually any occasion, so perfect in fact we have listed 50 reasons why you should light one up today. Not convinced? Continue reading to have your mind blown:

50 Reasons to Pick up a Cigar

  1. You just woke up.
  2. You just finished a meal.
  3. You’re making a meal on the grill.
  4. You’re fishing.
  5. You need a smoke to go with your drink.
  6. You’re not allowed to drink.
  7. You bought a new car.
  8. You bought a new motorcycle.
  9. You bought a new house.
  10. You bought a new boat.
  11. You bought a new houseboat.
  12. Your houseboat sank.
  13. You just started a great new relationship.
  14. You just ended a shitty old relationship.
  15. You passed by your humidor and it gave you “that look”.
  16. You saw someone else smoking a cigar.
  17. You remembered how good cigars are.
  18. Cuba, the DR, Nicaragua, or any Latin American country was in the news.
  19. You don’t have to be home for a while.
  20. You’ve been home for too long.
  21. You got a promotion.
  22. You got canned.
  23. The liquor told you it was lonely.
  24. You’re lonely.
  25. You’re surrounded by friends.
  26. It’s the height of summer.
  27. It’s the lows of winter.
  28. The sun is out.
  29. The sun won’t come out at all.
  30. You’re in a classy establishment.
  31. You’re in a low-down gutter joint.
  32. Your grandfather passed away and left you his humidor.
  33. Your grandfather passed away, but your grandmother threw out all his “stinky cigars” in record time, forcing you to grieve two big losses.
  34. You’re closing a big deal.
  35. You feel like a big deal.
  36. Someone is getting hitched. 
  37. Someone just got unhitched.
  38. You’re blazing down the highway.
  39. You’re rolling at 10 mph down by the boardwalk.
  40. You’re strolling through town.
  41. You want everyone to leave you alone.
  42. You just saw a movie with Clint Eastwood.
  43. You just saw a documentary with Castro.
  44. You just saw an anti-smoking ad.
  45. Your latest shipment of stogies came in.
  46. Your shipment is taking forever.
  47. You somehow found yourself down at your local cigar shop again. How does that keep happening? Isn’t your humidor full already?
  48. Your hands need something to do.
  49. You’re loving life.
  50. You’re not loving life… but you’re about to be.

What is your reason for lighting up a good smoke? We want to know!

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