Seven Naturally Sweet Cigars

Some like ‘em hot and spicy while others prefer a sweet, mellow cigar. If you look for notes of coffee with sugar, caramel, nougat, cocoa, chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, licorice and the plethora of other sweet flavors found in some premium cigars, then you might like our list. None of these are infused or artificially flavored. Seven Sweet Cigars 1. Aging Room Quattro F55 Blended by highly respected cigar master Jose “Jochy” Blanco, this elegant smoke sports a Sumatran-grown wrapper leaf that delivers distinctly sweet notes combined with smooth earth and leather. Recent reviews describe the Quattro F55 flavors in these terms:
  • “Sweet green tea”
  • “Notes of sweet coffee throughout”
  • “Sweet hay and honey”
  • “A rich sweetness from the tobacco”
This smooth and creamy cigar has been given ratings from prestigious publications as high as 95. Sweet! 2. Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva This is an aromatic and fruity cigar that offers notes of caramel and dark chocolate coupled with a base of wood and nuts. The Gran Reserva is a stick that gets overlooked in the praise given to some of Fuente’s better-known sticks. Those with a sweet tooth have long known about this beautifully crafted cigar in the Dominican Republic and containing primarily Dominican tobacco. The Gran Reserva is one of those cigars that balance sweet notes with savory notes too. 3. Baccarat The core Baccarat cigars deliver a mild, pleasantly sweet flavor of white chocolate, fresh-cut hay and toast with a dab of honey. The tip of these stogies is sweetened, but that’s all. The blend shows off what a Honduran puro can deliver to those who like a mild-medium smoke that pairs nicely with a cup of dark-roast coffee. 4. 5 Vegas Gold Maduro This medium-bodied stick offers the smoker sweet cocoa and chocolate notes that are smooth and mellow, like sipping a cup of rich java with a spoonful of sugar. We’ve noted cinnamon sugar, sweetened oak, caramel, and a few other goodies. 5. Padrón 1964 Maduro This is the highest-rated stogie on this list of sweet cigars with several scores from prestigious reviewers in the 93 to 95 range. The lovely blend of tobacco from this Nicaraguan puro is complex with baked apple, sweet tea, sweetened coffee, milk chocolate and cocoa balancing savory notes of light spice, wood, and leather. 6. Oliva Connecticut Reserve This may be one of the creamiest cigars you’ll smoke this year. An Ecuadorian wrapper surrounds a wonderful blend of Nicaragua tobaccos in the binder and filler. Smoking an Oliva Connecticut Reserve is the cigar lover’s equivalent of digging into a rich pound cake. Prepare for mouthfuls of tasty smoke delivering notes of sweet almonds, honey-roasted peanuts, fresh hay, and semi-sweet cocoa. This is a very affordable cigar that makes a great stick in any rotation. 7. Ashton Heritage Puro Sol The Heritage Puro Sol is the kind of cigar you might consider using for potpourri or aromatherapy. The aroma is pleasing to the olfactory senses. Light it, and it is deliciously sweet and fragrant. The flavors you’ll enjoy include milk chocolate, nougat, sweetened coffee and nuts along with more savory notes of oak and earth. Browse our selection of all these sweet cigars and hundreds of others. We offer competitive pricing on every cigar, and our money-back guarantee on quality allows you to shop conveniently and with peace of mind.