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Some guys aren’t happy with their stogie unless it’s given them a spicy tingle. They scan cigar reviews looking for phrases like “copious amounts of black pepper” or “puts a zing on the palate.” Are you in that group? If so, here are five spicy cigars you’ll enjoy. 1. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero The name originates from the fact that Litto Gomez’s team at LFD uses twice the typical amount of Ligero in the blend made up of choice Dominican tobacco. The Ligero comes from the upper rows or primings of the tobacco plant. The higher the leaf, especially when sun-grown as this tobacco is, the more nutrients it pulls up from the soil. Those nutrients produce the spicy flavors you enjoy in the LFD Double Ligero. 2. Fuente Opus X XXX Power Range This is an expensive cigar, but it deserves a place on the list because of the abundance of peppery spice the smoke delivers. From reviews we’ve perused, the cigar’s flavor is described in these ways:
  • “Black pepper was the most pervasive note”
  • “Toasted nuts sprinkled with sugar and sharp black pepper”
  • “Spicy pepper on the finish”
  • “Strong cedar, earth, and white pepper”
You get the picture. The Opus X XXX is a pepper pot worth paying a few more pennies to enjoy. 3. Romeo y Julieta Reserve We’ve heard this RyJ stick described as offering red pepper, black pepper, and chili pepper flavors, and we’ve tasted more than a tad of pepper in them ourselves. The pepper in this one is balanced with smoother notes that soothe away the burn. As one of RyJ’s highest-rated cigars, it’s a winner at a very good price. 4. Oliva Serie V The Serie V is the Oliva cigar with the fullest body. It is a Nicaraguan puro with a very robust flavor profile. Oliva boasts that this stick is filled with “specially fermented Jalapa Valley Ligero.” Are you salivating like Pavlov’s dog yet? The “V” warns smokers that it is “Very strong.” For some of you, that’s an invitation rather than a warning. We understand. Enjoy! 5. Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte We go from Oliva’s “very strong” to SP’s “Extra Strong.” One prominent reviewer writes of the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte, “the heat from the pepper builds in your throat.” Well, that’s just the kind of advertisement some of you are looking for. We have these peppery pleasures and many more that will deliver the spicy goodness you enjoy in a premium smoke. Order today with confidence, and we’ll deliver them with our guarantee of quality.
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