Our Top Picks for Great Smokin’ Tunes

by Ralph Smith
Our Top Picks for Great Smokin’ Tunes


Cigars and whiskey. Cigars and a cozy lounge. Cigars and a drive down the highway… Cigars pair well with a lot of things—but of course, this list is missing a huge one:

Cigars and music

Relaxing with a smoke, and some music is the perfect way to unwind. Of course, it might be hard for everyone in your gang to agree on what music to put on, so we've assembled a list with a variety of genres. Hopefully, you'll find a playlist that helps you destress while you light up your favorite stick.
What genre will you choose?

Blues - Don's Tunes Electric Blues, Blues-rock Playlist

If you just want an ultra soulful guitar, the rawest vocals ever recorded, and beats that sit back so far you're sure the drummer was reclined all the way to the floor—this is the playlist that you have been looking for.

If you're ready for the full force of the blues this is medicine for your soul.

Summer Barbeque - Backyard BBQ Playlist
Let's lighten things up here.

You grillin’? You smokin’? Then you need to be jammin’!

Here's some rock that feels right at home on a sunny day in the backyard where your only care is keeping your steak from getting overcooked.

Jazz Classics - Top 100 Jazz Classics Playlist | Best Jazz Songs of All Time

Allow your ears to take in instrumentals from a whole other level.

These musicians invented the genre, for crying out loud! A truly American music genre. If you want to transcend tradition, head this way.

Speaking of American genres…

Older Country - Classic Country 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s n 80’s

Modern country radio is its own thing. This is what came before—long before. From powder blue suits to the Man in Black, this is country back when it was at its peak.

Y'all enjoy now, ya hear?

Chill Beats - Lush Lofi Playlist

There's a strong tradition of boss boys and cigars that goes back to rap's "Golden Age." But these are some mellow beats that even casual listeners will find relaxing. Looking for some chill hip-hop rhythm? Check this one out and enjoy some sweet tunes while you expand your horizons.

Classic Rock - Rock Classics Playlist

What else has to be said? They came. They saw. They rocked the world to oblivion. Put on this playlist and relive the soundtrack to your youth.

Classical - The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe

With a name like that, it has to be good. Feeling in a refined, sophisticated kind of mood? Put this on and smoke like a supervillain while you plot your next nefarious plan—just don’t forget your fluffy partner in crime, Mr. Whiskers.

Beyond Classical - Lute Music for Alchemists

Classical music is great and all, but this is what kings listened to at court. Tap into your inner blue blood status with this sick lute music.

Whatever you're feeling, it's time to click over, press play, and start torching the end of that stick.  Some of the cigars' best pairings await you.

We always love a good cigar smoking playlist, got any to share? Let us know! 

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