How To Cut a Cigar?

How to cut a cigar isn’t as obvious as it might seem, right? There's no cut here dotted line or anything. So how exactly DO you cut a cigar? Well, for starters, you don't want to cut it to look like the foot of the cigar. That is, you don't want to cut off the whole rounded end. You want to leave some of it there. The goal is just to create a big of a hole so that you can comfortably draw on the cigar. Too small a hole and you won't be able to get enough smoke. Too much, and you'll burn through your cigar too fast, probably get a mouthful of tobacco, and may even cause your cigar to fall apart. The "cap" can also help you. For premium cigars, the cap is three small leaves of tobacco wrapped around the end of the cigar and glued in place with vegetable paste. You might be able to make out the lines if you look close. Don't cut off the whole cap. Instead, just cut off a bit. Okay, hopefully, that helps you understand where to make your cut. There are tons of tools to help you on your journey.

These include:

Double blade, single blade, guillotine, v-cut... there's a bunch of ways to go at it. The most important thing is that you need something sharp. If your cutter gets dull, you'll have a hard time making precise cuts and may be crushing your cigar instead of cutting it.

You might feel a little strange using these... or, you might feel right at home. Again, you just need something sharp.

A cigar punch goes around the problem by avoiding a straight-line cut. Instead, you push the punch into the end of the cigar, wiggling it a bit, until you make a cut. Then, you push it a bit further to grab some of the end, and then you retract it.

In a pinch, you can use almost any sharp knife to make a cut. Of course, if you've got your bread knife out and you're sawing back and forth, you're probably headed in the wrong direction. Be careful not to destroy your cigar in the process.

This is pretty savage, but you could rip the tip off like a caveman if you want. Some cigars are actually made so that the cap can be peeled off, but the better way is to find a cutting implement. Of course, the good Lord gave us all some fine cutting implements, right?

Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But if you bite your cigar, you've got a good chance of things going wrong. Some folks with sharp fangs use them like punches, and others just enjoy a taste of tobacco salad. Old school smokers definitely have bitten some cigars in their day, but this is probably a dividing line between "classy" smokers and dudes who are just trying to light up a stogie without too much fuss. Our call? Do what you like. It's your smoke. (But don't be surprised if you get some weird looks. If you're out to a nice dinner and you pop a straw into your wine, you'd get some sideways glances. Cigar biting is, in certain situations, similar to that.) Happy smoking!

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