6 Crazy Good Smokes with Crazy Names from Drew Estate

Those dudes just can’t get enough when it comes to artistic expression. In an industry full of generational history, where a little Spanish is almost mandatory when it comes to naming a cigar line. The Drew Estate teams are straight up not giving a heck. They brought the wild individualism of graffiti, industrial art, and more right into the heart of their operation from the very beginning. They weren’t about to bow down to tradition when it came time to name their beautiful babies. And for that, we are grateful. Below are some of our favorite crazy names for Drew Estate cigars.

ACID - Nasty

Who names a cigar that? These things are supposed to be appealing, right? You’re supposed to sell them based on delicious flavors, intoxicating aromas, and tastes that sound too good to pass up. But then again, we do love the nasty side of cigars, too, don’t we? Like a glass of whiskey or tequila, the combination of nice and naughty is a big part of what makes the experience uniquely enjoyable. If you just want nice, have a banana. If you just want naughty… well… we probably don’t need to suggest a damn thing to you randy perverts out there - you know where to get that, too. And if you want some nasty, you can grab this cigar from the ACID line. With a Maduro wrapper, Nicaraguan fillers, a pigtail, and a flaming band, just know what you’re not in for a pretty or mild experience. Smoke this to ruminate on evil thoughts.

Liga Privada Unico – Ratzilla

This big hairy monster is a mess. (Maybe your ex says the same about you?) This is, to put it simply, a “flavor bomb.” It’s a blend of Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-fillers, a Connecticut Habano binder, and is finished up in a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. Given all that’s going on in this stick, maybe that’s where the name came from. The funny thing is, the reception the smoking world has given these sticks has nothing to do with large gross animals. Instead, it’s a highly prized stick that people will buy whenever they get the chance, but will also try to hunt down and trade for with serious passion. Like a plague-bearing rat, once this one bites into you, you’ll be stricken with love for a stick that’s hard to come by. Maybe it’s best not to smoke it so you won’t spend your days pining away for one of the finest cigars around? The choice is yours.

Nica Rustica – El Brujito

This stick is earthiness incarnate. A gorgeous Connecticut Maduro wrap conceals full strength Nicaraguan fillers that bring out well-balanced flavors on the dark side of the spectrum - but it’s the name makes it truly interesting. El Brujito, the witch. You know, it occurs to us that this stick gives off tons of smoke, which really conjures up… well… conjuring! If you needed tobacco smoke for a ritual, you might turn to this stick to fill all your needs and then some. It’s mysterious, it’s witchy, and it’s pure Drew Estate. Tell us you can smoke a cigar called “the witch” and not feel a little differently about the experience. Those dudes sure know how to add a fun dimension to their smokes that would be missing with more ordinary names and imagery.

MUWAT – Night Crawler

Storytime! Drew Estate was collaborating with the Joya de Nicaragua team to produce a delectable blend. After much toil, the result was a stick featuring a San Andreas Negro leaf on the outside, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade tobacco for the binder, and a blend of Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan fillers on the inside. Ultimately, Jonathan Drew settled on the 6x60 size as the prime way to showcase the flavors. He called it his “uzi” and ordered a wheel. When he lifted it, he said, “Damn, My Uzi Weighs A Ton!” MUWAT was born. Your uzi won’t weigh a ton because the Night Crawler edition is 4.5x50, but at least you’ll know this neat little piece of cigar lore.

Natural Larutan – Jucy Lucy

This is a delicious one, for sure. The Cameroon wrap, Nicaraguan fillers, and sweet tip all combine to give you a cigar that just begs to be enjoyed along with – or as – dessert. The name will have your mind wandering as you take in all that tasty goodness. We can guess what Drew Estate had on the mind here. Hey, speaking of which, what about-

Deadwood Yummy Bitches

Lol. These dudes are too much. There are three bitches to know about in this line: Sweet Jane – the brothel born heartbreaker. Fat Bottom Betty – fresh outta rehab and ready to “spread some large ass lovin’” (DE’s words, not ours!) Crazy Alice - one pistol crackin’ little hussy! Aromatic, exotic, and wrapped in Maduro. Can you handle these chicks?