4 Extraordinarily Rare Arturo Fuente Cigars You Have To Try

by Juan Panesso
4 Extraordinarily Rare Arturo Fuente Cigars You Have To Try


Some cigars are reliable. You can always find them. Others, however, are always made in limited edition runs and you can barely catch them when they’re in stock to pick up a few.
If you are into chasing the smokes that the whole world is clamoring for, here’s a list of Arturo Fuente singles that you don’t want to miss out on.

Rare Arturo Fuente Cigars You Can’t Miss

Arturo Fuente – Hemingway Untold Story Maduro

Hemingway told more stories than most. But apparently, the folks at Arturo Fuente found one more that just had to be shared.
We’re happy they did!
This is an absolutely exquisite full-strength cigar powered by an African Cameroon wrapper and potent Dominican fillers. Enjoy it after your next epic struggle against mother nature, your own inner demons, or the relentless pace of time itself.
What? You’re not contending with any of those things? Hemingway would not approve. Then again, he didn’t exactly win his battle either, so maybe you should stick with your gut on that one.

Arturo Fuente – Opus X Perfecxion 77 Shark

Ah, sharks, nature’s most misunderstood predators. Silly surfers—they only bite when they’re hungry. Just swim after lunchtime. Duh! Or take an elderly seal along with you when you head out for a little insurance.
The Opus X Perfecxion 77 Shark is a beautifully crafted Dominican puro that’s perfect for special occasions. Full strength, full-bodied, and an artful blend of creamy and woodsy flavors make this one a must.
You should also pay attention to the construction when you have it in your hands. If you’ve never really had a look at how a cigar is made, this one is an excellent example of how the masters get it done.

Arturo Fuente – Opus X Love Affair

As soon as they’re in stock, they’re out!
Ironic given that these smokes were created to celebrate something so long-lasting: the 55+ years of marriage enjoyed by the parents of Carlos Fuente.
(Maybe we shouldn’t editorialize by saying they were “enjoyed.” But any couple pulling into the station with over 50 years generally knows a thing or two about making another person happy).
Anyhow, you’re sure to enjoy the hour you spend with one of these beauties. It’s a Dominican perfecto that’s a five-star smoke on almost anyone’s list. You’ll wish it lasted longer.

Arturo Fuente – Opus X 20 Years – Power of the Dream

For over twenty years, Opus X has been delivering an absolutely top-notch smoking experience to anyone with the dough to pick one up. And the 20th-anniversary edition is another treasure for the AF trophy case. As you would expect, it’s a Dominican puro. It smokes beautifully and offers notes of cedar, cream, and spice.
It just goes to show that if you dream it, you can do it! All it takes is generational knowledge, valuable connections, unquenchable passion, countless hours of work… but still, if after accumulating all those assets you then have a dream, you can probably bring it to life.
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