How Do You Neutralize the Smell of Cigars?

Category_Cigarsby Juan Panesso
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The Best Ways To Get Rid of Cigar Odor
Let's face it—not everyone revels in that glorious cigar smell the way cigar lovers do. In fact (and we can't believe we're saying this) there are some people who not only don't like it, but they actually HATE it? Can you believe that? What's wrong with some people? Obviously, if people pay hundreds of dollars for cigars, they can't be gross, right?
But it is hard to argue with Missus when she is expecting company.
Anyway, here are some methods for getting rid of cigar aroma, so you can keep your wife happy.

Rooms and Common Areas

Leave out a bowl of charcoal, baking soda, or cut fruits such as apples.
If an area is permeated with a cigar smell, a bowl of one of these ingredients will soak up the majority of the smell. If you change the bowl regularly, you can definitely make a dent in a smelly space quite quickly.

Your Car’s AC

When detailing a car, cleaners are often confronted with the need to remove odors. In those cases, many turn to Ozium. It's a powerful spray—don't use it liberally, a little goes a long way. It's essentially like Febreeze’s bigger brother.
Or, you could use Febreeze, but you probably won't get too far. The cigar aroma is quite strong and needs an extra “oomph” to get under control.

The Carpet

People swear by baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda around, let it soak up the smell, then vacuum it up and repeat. Or if the cigar smell is still lingering, opt for a wet vac with a potent industrial rug cleaner to tame the remainder of the odor.

When Buying an Air Filter

Not a bad idea for your favorite smoking spot. A decent air filter will remove a lot of smoke (and the cigar smell). Just make sure to always keep it running and change the filters regularly for the best results.

Your Body

Change your clothing, brush your teeth, and take a shower. No, it won't remove every trace, but it will help a lot. A scrub brush will help get caked in smoke residue off your skin, and a tongue scraper is just a good idea in general. If you don't have time for any of that, we recommend just embracing the aroma and telling people to just deal with it.

Your Clothes

If your best outfit’s cigar smell is out of control, try to launder it in hot water with a strong detergent—or if it cannot be washed by machine, take it to the dry cleaner. The professionals will know what to do.
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