The Many Shades of Drew Estate’s ACID Blondies

by Juan Panesso
Cigar box of Drew Estate’s ACID Blondie


We have all tried a strong, overwhelming cigar in our day, and many times instead of blowing your mind, they just end up knocking you off your chair. The wrong pairing could even ruin your drink or meal, and where is the pleasure in that? 

If you have been having a hard time finding a well-rounded cigar to add to your humidor, look no further than the ACID Blondies.

These are the gold—or should we say, blonde?—standard of infused cigars for a reason. Oftentimes, these delicious cigars have been the best-selling infused sticks on the market. They’re unique, tasty, and they always give you something new to enjoy.

The ACID line includes a lot of different smokes. In this article, we’ll break down the popular Blondie sub-line to give you a feel for the differences between them and find the perfect one for you to try next.

Drew Estate - ACID Blondie

This is the original.

It’s mellow, it’s sweet, and it’s an easy smoke. It’s great for newbies or experienced smokers who simply need something that might go over well at a party. It’s a highly enjoyable, quick smoke and serves its purpose well.

It’s nice to light up one of these babies when we’ve got to focus on something else, but also want to smoke a nice cigar. It can’t be one we’ll get lost in, or we’ll never get our project finished. It has to be something undemanding. That’s when a Drew Estate ACID Blondie does the trick.

 Drew Estate - ACID Blondie Maduro

Alright, now we are branching out.

We’ve taken a Blondie, but instead of a Connecticut shade wrapper, we’re changing up the flavor profile with a chocolatey Maduro. You’ll still get the taste of honey and citrus, but you’ll also get to enjoy distinct notes of light, delicious cocoa.

This is a grown-up, more complex version of the Blondie experience, for those who want a little more from their relaxed blends. Grab a stick, your favorite espresso drink, and the newspaper, and you are ready to enjoy a relaxing morning. 

Drew Estate - ACID Blondie Belicoso

Did you enjoy the classics? Well, let me introduce you to its big brother—same great smoke, but lasts much longer. Most smokers report that this is still a good choice for everyday smoking, winding down, smoking with company, puffing on the golf course, etc. No flavor twist, just a different size.

It is like going out for drinks with the guys, hopping from pub to pub, then Belicoso is a wonderful experience that lasts and lasts.

Drew Estate - ACID Blondie Red

Cigar box of Drew Estate’s ACID Blondie Red.


They say blondes have more fun, and if you look at the media then that’s undoubtedly true.

So, do you prefer blondes or redheads? If you are ready to shake things up and get a bit wild, the ACID Blondie Red is a perfect choice. And don’t worry, the carpets do match the drapes.

Drew Estate has decided it is time to take the delicious Blondie blend and throw a Cameroon wrapper on it!

This is a more potent cigar that takes you on an even greater flavor rollercoaster. If you found the originals to be a little too mild for your tastes, and you want an infusion that takes things up a notch, why not pick up Blondie Red? We sure will!

Drew Estate - ACID Blondie Gold 

Okay, now let’s put a Sumatra wrapper on the Blondie to tweak the flavor. Much like the other versions, this cigar is still mellow and smooth—that’s kind of the signature of the Blondie line.

These cigars aren’t built to knock you off your feet. There are plenty of other smokes designed to do that. Instead, these are your “easy riders.” Sit back, relax and let your mind drift away as that delicious flavor envelopes you. With the ACID Blondie Gold, it is all about a nice flavor that doesn’t go overboard.

Their name comes from their unique flavor, which is worth its weight in gold. We would happily stuff our wallets with sticks of these cigars rather than bars of gold any day!

Drew Estate - ACID Blondie Candela

One last wrapper to complete the set. This one smokes quickly and offers many delicious flavor notes, including the unique taste of green tea (then again, maybe we just can’t help but seek out “green” flavors because we’re smoking a green cigar).

You know, candela wrappers used to be quite common, but nowadays everyone wants to be some shade of brown, especially dark, brooding, mysterious cigars that villains can smoke while hiding in the corner of the room planning to take over the world.

For the rest of us non-villainous types, there’s a friendly green candela wrapper that takes us back to the cigars of the ’60s, ah… the good ol’ days.

The Acid Blondie cigars are among the most popular flavored and infused cigar lines by Drew Estate, with a smoking experience unlike any other. Each blend explores new curing, blending, and flavoring techniques. ACID Blondie cigars are truly one-of-a-kind, unique, and inspiring cigars, handcrafted by Drew Estate in Nicaragua. Enjoy a kaleidoscope of new tastes never before imagined in a cigar and be rewarded for your efforts.

Anyway, those are the Drew Estate Blondies. Any questions?

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