15 Famous Cigar Smokers

by Juan Panesso
Famous Cigar Smoker


When you pull out a cigar in front of a group, sit back and blow out that glorious smoke, it is only natural to feel like an elite. Cigars for centuries have been enjoyed by prominent members of society, and garnered a reputation as a high-class activity—and for good reason—every person worth their salt was puffing on these bad boys back in the day. Here is a small list of some of the most popular faces known as avid cigar lovers.

1. John F. Kennedy

For someone who really loved cigars, he sure as hell had no problem smoke-blocking the entire nation for a few generations. Word is that he got a thousand Cubans for his personal stash just before he signed the embargo. Insider trading at its worst, if you ask us.

2. Red Auerbach

You knew a Celtics victory was imminent when ol’ Red would light one up. And with the legendary Bill Russell at the center, Red helped the team to nine championships. That’s a LOT of smoking in the Garden.

3. General George S. Patton

An American legend who always brought Cubans with him as he led the troops to victory. We have to wonder: did he share them or just hoard them all for himself?

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

His father-in-law got him hooked and he never looked back. Cigars are a fine accessory for our international model of over-the-top masculinity (and when you blast as much gear as Arnie did, a cigar habit doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal, healthwise).

5. Clint Eastwood

Clint reportedly smoked Toscanelli cigars. Nothing too special, but still made in the good old USA, just like Dirty Harry himself.

6. Babe Ruth

One of the all-time most prolific sluggers loved a nice cigar and even had his own cigar line for a little while. We wonder if any are still floating around as memorabilia, makes you think?

7. Sigmund Freud

He has been forever pictured in his portrait with a cigar in hand. He also gave us the famous line, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Possibly a deep thought, if you turn it over enough while smoking.

8. Jack Nicholson

Apparently, golf is a gateway hobby, because that’s where Jack got into cigars. He also used to be able to light them up courtside at Lakers games, but in 2019, it’s kind of frowned upon. We imagine that not even three Academy Awards are enough to get you privileges like that these days.

9. William Shatner

The good ol’ captain has expressed that he enjoys cigars and single malt. The man sure knows what’s up. Live long and prosper, my friend.

10. George Burns

He’s that old comic guy who always had one in his teeth. You may never have experienced his ancient comedy, but you’ve no doubt seen him at some Hollywood event, cigar in mouth.

11. Orson Welles

Not only did he love cigars, he proudly featured them in his movies and helped promote greater cultural acceptance of them. Thanks, dude!

12. Michael Jordan

The GOAT would routinely fill up the team bus (or card table) with lush cigar smoke. If he hadn’t smoked, just imagine what he could have accomplished!? We kid, we kid. The sign of the real king of a sport is that he can show up half in the bag and still demolish your best team, as MJ did during the infamous “flu game.” When we show up to work messed up, we can barely stay in our chair, but this dude has no problem willing his way to a win in game 5 of the NBA Finals. Damn MJ, are you even human?

13. Mark Twain

Mark reportedly smoked dozens each day! Of course, there’s room to doubt this factoid from the Internet, but writers are notoriously excessive when it comes to drugs and alcohol. What else are we going to do sitting at home at our desks for our entire lives, typing away late into the night? Drink cucumber-infused water? We’re guessing his cigars were a lot smaller if that number is correct. Certainly, there are people out there smoking several packs of cigarettes a day.

14. Fidel Castro

Fidel actually gave them up later in life, but by then he was already a cigar icon. Also, he was in charge of a small island nation called “Cuba,” which has a fairly vibrant cigar-making industry. You’ve probably never heard of it.

15. Winston Churchill

You had to know he would be here, right? He has a friggin’ cigar size named after him, he smoked a half dozen or more each day. He enjoyed Romeo y Julietas, and if they were good enough for him, they just might be good enough for you too!
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