Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona

Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona Band Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona Band

This Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona cigar is made in the Dominican Republic. Outside, you'll find a Habano wrapper. Inside, the binder is Criollo 98, and the filler is Undisclosed. This is a Corona with a length of 5.50 and a ring gauge of 46.

Imagine you're running a cigar manufacturing operation. There's no need to list out everything you're responsible for because it is truly everything. you're the head honcho. The buck stops with you. But your plate is more than full and has been since day one. How could you possibly know where every last piece of tobacco is stashed, especially if you weren't the original guy in charge?

It easy to understand how one could lose or forget a quality stockpile of tobacco to an aging room. The cigar industry is one with so many steps, so many details. This is where Robert Caldwell and his team enter the picture and dig for gold to deliver shiny gems like the Caldwell Lost and Found Plume cigars. But these cigars come with an added twist"they were lost in an aging room, or so the story goes. Whether this is the original origin or not matters not. What matters is they are found, and now you can smoke Caldwell Lost and Found Plume cigars for a good cause, as these stogies help support two charities that support inner-city kids in education and developing positive hobbies.

True to Caldwell's brand of humor, his charitable program is colorfully named the GAF (Give a F***) initiative. This is classic Caldwell if you're familiar with the branding on Caldwell Lost and Found cigars.

The filler blend in Caldwell Lost and Found Plume cigars is undisclosed. The binder is a mouthwatering Dominican Criollo '98 that sits just below a dark Dominican Habano wrapper. This all leads to a medium-bodied smoke that will treat your palate to baker's chocolate, caramel, and new leather.

By grabbing some Plum sticks today, you can help kids in need and your palate all in one fell swoop.

Please enjoy Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona cigars at your leisure.

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Caldwell Lost and Found Plume Corona

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