World’s Most Popular Cigar Collectors

by Juan Panesso
Most Popular Cigar Collectors


The world of cigar collecting is a fascinating fusion of history and artistry, where enthusiasts like Alex Wong not only relish the act of savoring fine cigars but also delve into the intricate details that define each unique blend. 

Unearthing the Past

However, the appeal of cigar collecting goes beyond the cigars themselves. Cigar aficionados are avid seekers of cigar memorabilia and reach into cigar history to unearth vintage advertisements, antique humidors, and other artifacts. These tangible relics manage to connect modern enthusiasts with a legacy that spans centuries.

Cigars as a Unique Investment

While some may perceive cigars as fleeting pleasures, an increasing number of collectors view them as valuable investments. Similar to fine wines or works of art, rare cigars can appreciate in value over time. This distinctive facet of cigar collecting adds an intriguing layer to the hobby, as aficionados diligently monitor the market and seek out cigars with the potential to become prized assets in the years to come.

Alex Wong, with his keen insights into the cigar investment landscape, has curated a priceless collection - showcasing an array of flavors and styles and possessing the potential to appreciate in value as time passes.

Preserving Cigar Culture

Perhaps, one of the most admirable aspects of cigar collecting is its role in safeguarding cigar culture and history. Cigars, like any cultural artifact, are susceptible to the ravages of time and evolving societal tastes. Cigar collectors play a big role in ensuring that the traditions and techniques of cigar-making are preserved for future generations.

Here’s where people like Alex Wong actively contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding cigar culture by engaging in discussions, events, and initiatives that celebrate the rich heritage of cigars.

For many cigar collectors, their passion involves a unique lifestyle characterized by camaraderie, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging to a close-knit community. Cigar enthusiasts frequently gather at lounges, events, and gatherings where the air is filled with laughter, engaging conversations, and the tempting fragrance of fine tobacco.

Dominique Gyselinck

Dominique Gyselinck, a devoted cigar aficionado hailing from Belgium, stands out as a notable figure in the world of cigar collectors. Her journey into this fascinating area began in 2001 when she shared her first smoking experience with her husband. Yet, it was in 2011 that her passion took a deeper turn as she unboxed her initial set of La Casa del Habano cigars. Since then, Gyselinck has directed her focus toward acquiring special series and handcrafted Cuban cigars, amassing an astonishing collection of 150,000 cigars that includes sought-after limited editions and vintage treasures.

Gyselinck has successfully transformed her investment in cigars into a valuable asset. With a commitment of 3 million euros (approximately $3.38 million), she has curated a plethora of special series, limited edition, vintage, aged, and pre-embargo cigars. Her discerning eye for coveted gems, such as the original 2006 release of Cohiba Behike valued at 5,000 euros ($5,632), has taken her collection's overall value to an impressive 5 million euros ($5.63 million).

Of particular interest is Gyselinck's penchant for Cuban brands, which she regards as "more unique" than their counterparts. To her, these cigars resemble collectible art pieces, comparing them to exquisite French wines. 

The Global Phenomenon of Cigar Collecting

Cigar collecting is not a solo pursuit but includes an ever-growing community of enthusiasts who adopt this lifestyle. Rocky Patel, the proprietor of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Inc., notes that the appeal of cigars has traversed conventional boundaries. What was once synonymous with a more refined demographic has now evolved into a shared passion embraced by people from all walks of life. This democratization has sparked the emergence of a worldwide fraternity of cigar aficionados, with markets flourishing beyond the confines of the United States. Countries such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Macao, and Japan have emerged as big hubs for cigar enthusiasts.

Alex Wong

This true-blue cigar connoisseur hails from Hong Kong and together with his father, George, the Wong family has amassed a collection of nearly 5,000 cigar boxes. Their workspace boasts a walk-in humidor which resembles a luxurious cigar boutique, complete with a beautifully appointed cigar-smoking chamber adorned with exquisite artwork and fine wines. Wong's collection boasts a diverse spectrum of cigars, some of which have even graced the esteemed pages of Cigar Aficionado's Connoisseur's Corner.

Wong's voyage into the world of cigars traces back to his university days in London after a memorable encounter with a Dunhill Malecon cigar. This experience triggered an undying affinity for intricate flavors and the camaraderie that cigars facilitate. For Wong, cigars provide a medium for relaxation and forging lasting bonds with friends and family.

A Methodical Approach 

Wong's approach to curating his collection reflects great care. He places emphasis on procuring cigars exclusively from trusted merchants whom he personally knows, safeguarding against counterfeit products. Maintaining precise humidity levels around 65% and a temperature range of 19 to 20 degrees Celsius (66 to 68 Fahrenheit) is paramount for the proper aging of cigars and ensuring their maturation. Wong draws a parallel between the aging process of cigars and that of fine wines—a sentiment shared by numerous collectors. 

The tales of collectors like Dominique Gyselinck and Alex Wong truly epitomize a well-regarded cultural phenomenon.