5 Art Collection Humidors That Will Totally Blow You Away

by Juan Panesso
cigars and humidor


Humidors play an important part in the cigar collecting hobby and are must-haves for casual enthusiasts, daily smokers, and aficionados alike. They're necessary to properly store your sticks and keep them smoke-ready at all times. But they're also so much more than a necessary accessory: they’re your own personal treasure chest, really. 

A lot of people go in for dark wood and glass humidors that look like they belong in boardrooms, on intimidating oak desks, and in the lair of some evil mastermind. Odds are you have one of these humidors in your mind right now: classy, elegant, and unobtrusive. These are killer, but if you want a little more color in your life, there are other options.

If you're going to stock up on stogies so that you always have your favorites on hand, especially if you want to save big bucks by buying in bulk online, you're going to need a humidor or three. The mechanics of a humidor are pretty simple, so decoration is the main option for customization. You'll have these things in your house for years, holding your best sticks, sharing with friends, and celebrating life's special moments: why not choose humidors that match your personal style and add to your cigar smoking enjoyment?

If this sounds like your kind of thing, we’ve got an entire collection of humidors for you! They’re called the “Art Collection” humidors. The 5 humidors below make great conversation starters and add joy and style to your home. Oh, and they'll keep your best sticks as fresh and smokable as can be. 

Pop Bang Splat

Pow! Check out the looks on this humidor! This awesome humidor is an absolute must-have for any comic book lover. Emblazoned in classic Superman colors, the humidor pays homage to the numerous beatings handed out to various villains by our favorite superheroes over the years.

It's built like a tank and will take great care of your cigars to boot. The Pop Bang Splat humidor holds up to 100 of your favorite cigars while maintaining an airtight seal and perfect humidity level. The outside is seamless, and nothing interrupts the comic book decorations except for a discrete keyhole (you don't want the kiddos or supervillains to get at your stash, do you?). Inside you'll find a hygrometer that accurately measures the relative humidifier and a humidifier to maintain the perfect conditions for your precious stogies. You'll also find a useful top tray to hold about half of your cigars, which you can lift up to easily access the rest of your collection. The bottom layer contains several dividers so that you can easily organize your cigars.

Good looks, excellent craftsmanship, and enormous capacity: what more could you ask for?

Skull and Roses

Take a step away from the colorful and take a trip on the dark side with this Skull and Roses humidor. The badass black, white, and gold design is sure to draw both conversation and compliments whenever you have people over. It's the kind of humidor you'd expect to see in a biker bar, metal club, body shop, or tattoo parlor. Which doesn't mean it's not the right choice if those aren't your normal hangouts. This is the perfect accessory for any cigar smoker looking to add a little edge to their style and to their life.

Beat Box

Music lovers rejoice! This luxury humidor is adorned with a colorful design in honor of the early days of hip hop back in the 80s. The colors are lively and playful but just slightly more reserved and elegant than the Pop Bang Splat. And you'll also find plenty of nostalgic artifacts in the design, from cassette tapes and old stereos to spray cans and Converse sneakers.

The craftsmanship, capacity, and interior design are the same as the Pop Bang Splat, so this beauty has all the same advantages. However, it also comes in two additional sizes: a 50-count with brass hygrometer and humidifier and a 15-count travel humidor with a hygrometer, cutter, and portable ashtray. So you have even more options for personalized humidor styling, even on the road!

Che Guevara

Che Guevara is an iconic symbol of liberty and rebellion, and this distinctive black humidor features his classic portrait made from some of Che's most famous quotes. Whether you’ve got a Che poster on the wall and a shirt in the drawer, or you’re just interested in history, this humidor is the perfect addition to your collection. And if you're looking for a little more color, the travel-size humidor comes with bright spray-paint style designs in addition to the traditional (non-quote) portrait.

Fidel Castro

Cuba Libre! Agree with him or not, Fidel Castro was a force of nature. Heck, the CIA couldn't get the best of him after an embarrassing number of assassination attempts. And certainly, few leaders are more strongly associated with the noble art of smoking cigars.

You might not be able to buy Cubans anymore, thanks to JFK, but you can celebrate the Caribbean island's cigar legacy and make a bold fashion statement with this distinctive Fidel Castro humidor. A kaleidoscopic rainbow pattern, Castro portrait, and Cuban flag make this one heck of a looker. And it boasts the same craftsmanship as the other art collection humidors. Use this humidor as a decoration for your home or office with the 50-capacity edition, or take it on the road with the 15-count travel version. The choice is yours, and you'll turn heads either way!

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