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Perhaps you’d answer the question by saying “a ten by ten walk-in humidor,” but we’re trying to be practical here! Buying a humidor, especially your first humidor, takes some forethought. An important note to keep in mind is that it doesn’t hurt to have a humidor only half full, but you definitely don’t want to crowd a humidor. Here are some tips for buying a humidor that works really well for your purposes. 1. Buy a quality humidor. The humidor you choose will be protecting your treasure trove of fantastic cigars. It just doesn’t pay to go cheap in the short run and potentially lose all your premium cigars when a seal fails or it otherwise leaks air and moisture. Look at the expenditure as an investment in keeping your stogies fresh at the proper humidity level and allowing them to age nicely as they should. 2. Buy larger than you anticipate needing. You don’t want cigars packed too tightly in your humidor. For one, some might not get the humidity required for optimal flavor and freshness. Secondly, flavors of favorite stogies might mingle too much, and their distinctive tastes can be lost. Thirdly, tightly packed humidors can harm the construction of the cigar. Finally, it’s not cost-effective to have to buy a second humidor in the next few years. It’s better to pay a bit more now to get 50 to 100 percent more capacity than to pay a lot more for a second unit. With these notes in mind, start with a humidor that will at least allow for 50-100 cigars. Here’s a look at the Medici 500 cigar foot locker humidor that will show you how snugly cigars should be packed. You’ll see that they need room to breathe. We’ve got the Medici Humidor and a range of other quality options. 3. Consider how many cigars you smoke in a year. If you smoke 2-4 cigars per week or 50-250 per year, a humidor for 50-100 might be a very good start. If you smoke one a day or more, consider going even larger. 4. Estimate how much you plan to entertain other cigar smokers. If you often have friends over for cigars, cards, the game, etc., then you’ll want a 200+ humidor. Those tips for buying a humidor will produce a humidor that will serve your purposes for some time.