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As you know, if you’ve ordered a variety of drinks while in restaurants and bars, each type of drink is served in its own style of glass. It’s more than just quantity – shot glass full of Grey Goose vodka is small while a mug of Sam Adams Boston Lager is large, right? There’s more to it. A highball glass is typically 8-12 ounces and is shaped very differently than an 8-10 ounce wine glass. The highball glass is ideal for cocktails on the rocks with broad opening and straight sides. The wine glass is shaped more elegantly for a purpose. The narrow top tends to concentrate on the important wine aromas at the top. It sounds odd to some, but the shape of the glass affects the flavor of the drink. Okay, now on to IPAs. India Pale Ale creations continue to be the leading type of small-batch and craft beers produced. They show off North American hops really well. They are terrific by themselves or with premium smokes that can hold their own with the hops-centric flavors. By the way, if you’re pairing cigars with IPA, consider something similarly bold and full-flavored like the Padrón Serie 1926 with tobaccos aged for 5 years wrapped in a mouthwatering Maduro wrapper or the oily La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero that won’t back down from the hoppiest beer you enjoy. Since IPAs became popular, they’ve been served in standard beer glasses and mugs. That is, until now. Spiegelau, the “Class in Glass” since the 1600s has partnered with a pair of India Pale Ale’s to create a glass designed specifically for these brews. It looks something like a sherry glass on steroids, though the mouth narrows noticeably to concentrate flavor and the outstanding nose the best IPAs offer. You can pick up yours at local retailers or online at Amazon and other spots. This handsome glass could make a fantastic gift for Dad or guys you buy for. Add a six-pack of Sierra Nevada IPA (SN was one of the brewers that worked with Spiegelau to design and test the new glass) and an IPA-perfect cigar like any Partagas Cigar and you’ve got one helluva gift!