A First for Romeo y Julieta: A Nicaraguan Puro

No one can deny that Nicaraguan tobacco has become the favorite of smokers who like full-bodied cigars with a heavy right hand. In addition, no one mistakes the tradition-infused RyJ brand with a relative upstart like Alec Bradley or Rocky Patel. Romeo y Julieta has a history of 13 decades-long – not 13 years! So, change and innovation doesn’t come as fast. However, the Altadis brand has now paid homage to the love of the big Nic kick with a brand new cigar! The RyJ by Romeo y Julieta is the first Nicaraguan puro this Your mouth will water when we tell you what’s inside: The filler tobaccos are a blend of leaf from Jalapa, Estelí and La Mia. It’s stuffed in a double binder crafted from Estelí and Jalapa tobacco. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan of such a special crop that Altadis is mum about where exactly it is raised. The cigar has been announced but not shipped yet, though when you read this, it might be here and ready to order, so check our RyJ pages. Can’t wait for a Nicaraguan puro from Davidoff or another great Nicaraguan cigar? We’ve got some choice sticks to satisfy your appetite while waiting for the new RyJ. Here’s just a couple: