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This post is part of our “The Story Behind” series that gives you the history of some of the finest cigars available. The Signature Blend of a Legend In 1976, Carlos Fuente Sr., the patriarch of one of the cigar industry’s most successful and celebrated families, created a blend with that rare power of being full-flavored yet supremely smooth. Simply named Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars, they were the first label from Fuente to gain a loyal following. In a sense, they put the family on the map. This was four years before the family moved operations to the Dominican Republic where the cigar industry was starting to boom– a move which led to the company’s rapid ascent to the very top of the cigar world. Celebrating Success Fast forward to the early 2000s. Leading up to the 30-year anniversary of Don Carlos cigars, Carlos Fuente Jr., the founder’s son, wanted to celebrate the blend and the label that had been instrumental in the company’s growing success. Junior didn’t want to simply replicate the blend and put a “30th Anniversary” label on them. Now at the helm of the company, Fuente, Jr. made the decision to swap the Cameroon wrapper used in the original Don Carlos cigars and use a Dominican shade-grown wrapper of exquisite quality. It was the wrapper that had been proven superior when used on the dynamic and legendary Arturo Fuente Opus X. A second tweak was to amp up the blend to give it more power. The result is a wonderfully complex cigar with fantastic flavor and a bold bounce from start to finish. A Celebrated Cigar The Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigar has garnered incredibly high praise. In 2008, it was named a top 5 stick by Cigar Aficionado and in 2007, the Robb Report gave the Edicion its top spot! These sticks may be too pricey to be your everyday cigar, but they are the perfect celebration stick when life brings you its best! Cigars Direct carries singles, samplers, and boxes of 10 of these premium cigars. You’ll like our prices on one of the best cigars you’ll smoke this year!
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