What is a Herf?

Have you heard the term “herf”? It can be used as a noun or a verb. The verb means to smoke a cigar either by yourself or in a large group of others who are smoking too. The group connotation is what gave rise to the noun. A herf is a group of people smoking cigars. A herf can be used of an informal gathering. If you hang out with guys watching the game or playing cards, it’s a herf. The term is now also applied to large gatherings of cigar enthusiasts at various locations – often in South Florida to take advantage of proximity to the hub of the industry in the U.S. They take on the aura of a convention where it’s all play and no boring meetings. Some of these events are huge, with 500-2,000 people showing up. At the largest events, cigar manufacturers are well represented. Most bring large stocks of their new sticks to hand out. They’re “free” with the ticket price, and you get a set number of coupons to exchange for the cigars you would most like to receive. The lineup at a recent event included a star-studded lineup. Among the many big names present were the entire Padrón Family, Ernesto Perez Carillo, Rocky Patel, Nick Perdomo, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars and Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel of Drew Estate. Keep your eyes out for a herf near you – or start one yourself with a dozen or so of your best cigar-smoking pals.