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How to Avoid Cigar Buzz (If you Want to...)
Nicotine creates a buzz. Cigar tobacco contains quite a bit of nicotine, especially Nicaraguan cigars. The words Nicaraguan and nicotine having “nic” as the first three letters is merely a coincidence, though it’s a good way to remember that cigars using tobacco from Nicaragua tend to be the strongest in terms of body. No cigars are weak or mild in body. Many can be considered medium in body. We have a great collection of them, especially Dominican cigars. Now, if you would like to avoid the Nic buzz that accompanies cigar-smoking, here are a few remedies that cigar smokers have claimed work. 1. Eat lots of carbs before smoking – or running a marathon, right? Just not simultaneously. That would be a great post: Cigars to Enjoy While Running a Marathon. We’ve got a few 2-3 hour Gigantes that might last if you’re fast enough. Occasionally, a reviewer will say something like, “don’t smoke this powerful stick on an empty stomach.” This may also tie into the idea of the after-dinner cigar being the most pleasurable. 2. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, as Mary Poppins reminds us, and many claim it also relieves cigar buzz. Many smokers keep packs of sugar on them when out and about enjoying a cigar. You might end up with a sugar buzz! 3. Quite a few smokers have suggested that drinking cola helps relieve cigar buzz. This may help those who feel the “buzz” in their stomach and get a bit nauseous. The carbonation in cola also helps to cleanse the palate, so that you can enjoy the flavor profile of your cigar to the fullest. If you go cola, we suggest Red Rock! 4. Chocolate: Just one more reason to indulge! Hershey's Dark Chocolate gets a lot of love from cigar smokers who use chocolate to curb cigar buzz. 5. Sweet tea makes a very nice pairing with cigars that are medium-flavored and produce notes of nuts and leather like the Nub 460 Habano. It is also said to help reduce cigar buzz.