TSB Cain Cigars by Oliva: Straight Ligero, Baby!

Here’s the next installment of our “The Story Behind” series. Today, we discuss raising Cain and smoking it too! As the name implies, Cain cigars were designed to raise a bit of a ruckus, and they do. The secret is really no secret at all – a blend of badass straight Ligero tobaccos that pack power as well as full flavor. A Quick Review of Ligero You’ll recall that, and as this diagram shows, Ligero leaves are those at the very top of the plant. They’re the ones most exposed to sunlight. This causes them to pull more nutrients into their tissue to protect from the heat and sun. In addition, the leaf is smaller, and this produces a concentration of those nutrients. In the tobacco plant, nutrients equal flavor and, depending on the type of tobacco, nicotine, and power. A Tale of Triple Ligeros Cain cigars are made with a blend of 3 big-time Ligero tobaccos from the top three growing regions in Nicaragua. The all-star blend begins with Estelí Ligero, the baddest of all ligero tobaccos. Packing a punch, care must be taken, so that it doesn’t overpower the blend. Next is Condega Ligero that delivers a full but gentler body to go with a rich complexity. Jalapa ligero plays harmony to the bass and rhythm of the other two. It’s powerful but smooth. Grown in a valley, Jalapa tobacco gets more shade to mellow the flavor nicely. The Ligero tobaccos used in Cain by Oliva cigars are triple fermented to enhance flavor while smoothing out the rough spots. The Cain Lineup The Cain Habano and Maduro cigars share the same blend of 25% Estelí Ligero, 27% Condega Ligero and 30% Jalapa Ligero. Cigars in two wrapper options are available. The Nicaraguan Habano wrapper adds complexity and interest that will keep you engaged. It has scored a 91 in CA ratings. The smooth, dark-chocolate San Andreas wrapper adds an additional layer of intrigue to an already dynamic smoke. The Maduro tends to enhance flavors in the fillers you might otherwise miss. Cain Daytona is 100% Ligero from Jalapa. Triple fermented, the cigar features refined complexity with full flavor and medium-full body. Cain F, a 92-rated cigar, brings the power. The “F” is for force, and this stogie delivers a bold smoke for sure. It boasts a dark Nicaraguan wrapper around a choice blend of Nicaraguan fillers. This stick has garnered a prestigious 92 rating. The filler goes 32% Estelí Ligero and 25% each Condega and Jalapa Ligeros.