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While cigar taste is very subjective – to each his or her own is the best approach – there are some principles universally accepted for what makes a good cigar worth smoking. Let’s look at the general guidelines for what makes a good cigar. In part 2, we’ll throw out some ideas for finding a good cigar you will personally enjoy. Excellent Construction The cigar should look like it was rolled by a real craftsman, a Torcedor with significant skill. A nicely tailored cigar is a joy to look at, hold, cut, light and smoke. Look for a cigar with a tight cap, a wrapper that is fairly smooth – unless it’s a toothy Cameroon, has the right amount of oil for the type it is and a wrapper that holds in place well. When you give the stick a head to foot inspection, the body should be firm and consistent. You should not feel any lumps poking up from below. A Good Smoker The cigar should not be too dry. Cracks in the wrapper or a cigar that simply weighs less than you expect it to can be signs of it being dry. If it’s a cigar you already own, put it in the humidor and check the level of the relative humidity with your hygrometer. To be a good smoker, the cigar must have the right level of humidity. If too dry, the cigar will burn fast, probably uneven and for sure hot. If too humid, the cigar won’t light well or stay lit, and it will be hard to draw.