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Many guys think that small cigars – call them cigarillos if you want – are novelties or maybe stogies that only women like. A second look at small cigars might yield some products that you – whether a guy or gal – really enjoy smoking. We’re not talking about cheap, machine-rolled sticks, but genuine premium cigars in small vitolas. When to Choose a Small Cigar There are several reasons to add cigarillos to your humidor. First, the best of them are premium cigars made from the same type of great tobacco found in your favorite smokes. For example, Ashton Small Cigars feature a blend of premium Latin American tobacco with wrappers grown in Central Africa to produce unique and very flavorful smokes for Ashton. Secondly, cigarillos are perfect for times when you have just a few minutes to relax. Your brief interval maybe 15 minutes after lunch or your 20-minute commute home from work when you smoke away the stress of the job. Most of us don’t want to light a 30+ minute cigar and have to put it out and then try to relight and enjoy it later. It becomes wasteful. Nice choices for carrying in your pocket to take advantage of short opportunities include Acid by Drew Estate C Note 3.7x20 cigars or the slightly larger 4x32 Acid Krush Gold. They’ll give you the 8-20 minutes of smoking pleasure you’re looking for. You can finish the cigar without wasting any of it. A third reason to reconsider small cigars is for those who are quitting smoking cigarettes. While you don’t inhale cigars, part of what makes them immensely safer than cigarettes, the physical “ritual” is the same. Wear a patch and fire up a 3.7x24 Cohiba Miniature and you’ll enjoy far better flavor than you ever got from a cigarette, better aroma, and more smoking pleasure. Finally, having a few attractive cigarillos in your pocket case can be a great conversation starter with a guy or gal in a social setting. Offer a Hoyo de Monterrey Mini or a Macanudo Cafe Mini to your new acquaintance. Explain the nuances of the cigarillo, offer a light and you’re on your way to a great conversation.