Exploring Pro Golfers' Fascination with Cigars

by Juan Panesso
Cigar on Golf Ball and Golf Club on black background with reflections


Golf and Cigars: A Timeless Lifestyle Fusion

Golf, often hailed as a gentleman's game, carries with it a rich history and an aura of sophistication. Within the realm of this distinguished sport, a unique lifestyle fusion has emerged—the combination of golf and cigars. For centuries, these two indulgences have complemented each other, creating a lifestyle experience cherished by enthusiasts around the world. Let’s explore the intricate relationship between golf and cigars, diving into the traditions, rituals, and experiences that make this fusion so captivating. 

For pro golfers, cigars provide a sense of relaxation and enjoyment during their rounds. The serene and picturesque environment of a golf course, combined with the flavors and aromas of a fine cigar, create a soothing experience that helps them unwind and find a moment of tranquility amidst the pressures of competition. 

Moreover, cigars serve as symbols of celebration and camaraderie for pro golfers. Whether it's marking significant milestones or celebrating victories, sharing cigars with fellow golfers fosters a sense of camaraderie and strengthens the bonds within the golfing community. Cigars become a catalyst for connection and create memorable moments on and off the course.

Besides, cigars are so deeply rooted in the traditions and heritage of golf. Many pro golfers embrace the history and rituals associated with the sport, and cigar smoking has become a cherished part of that culture. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the golfing experience, paying homage to the traditions of the past while creating new memories in the present.

Golf, a sport known for its picturesque landscapes and precise techniques, has captivated individuals from all walks of life. From the championship courses with their meticulously manicured fairways to the quiet serenity of a well-executed swing, golf offers a unique blend of physical prowess and mental fortitude. It is in this environment that the marriage between golf and cigars thrives as a celebration of all things fine.

The Art of Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking, steeped in tradition and refined craftsmanship, has long been associated with a sense of luxury and leisure. The act of selecting a fine cigar, carefully cutting and lighting it, and savoring the flavors and aromas that dance upon the palate is akin to embarking on a sensory journey. For golfers, the enjoyment of a well-earned cigar becomes an integral part of their golfing lifestyle, adding a layer of sophistication and indulgence to their time on the course.

Traditions and Rituals

Within the golfing community, rituals and traditions hold a special place. Golfers often develop personal rituals that become an essential part of their pre and post-round routines. Lighting a cigar, perhaps a limited edition or a favored blend, is one such ritual that signifies the start or culmination of a golfing experience. As the fragrant smoke wafts through the air, golfers find solace and camaraderie in the shared passion for the game and the enjoyment of a fine cigar.

Golf Celebrities

Through the annals of golfing history, certain individuals have become synonymous with both their golfing prowess and their love for cigars. The legendary John Daly, known for his powerful swings and charismatic personality, has embraced the cigar culture with open arms. Daly's larger-than-life persona is further accentuated by his affinity for premium cigars, creating an enduring image of a golfer who epitomizes the fusion of golf and cigars.

Another golfer who has embraced the cigar culture is Miguel Angel Jimenez, affectionately known as "the cigar guy." With his suave demeanor and his signature long, graying hair, Jimenez epitomizes the fusion of golfing excellence and the enjoyment of fine cigars. Often seen with a Cuban Vegas Robaina Torpedo, Cohiba Behike, or Cohiba Siglo VI, Jimenez's appreciation for the finer things in life shines through his love for cigars.

Charlie Sifford, true pioneer in the world of golf, broke down barriers as the first Black player to join the PGA Tour in 1961. Sifford's impact on diversity in the sport is immeasurable, and his love for cigars added to his iconic status. Known for playing with a cigar in his mouth, Sifford believed that it helped him maintain focus and a steady swing during critical moments. 

With numerous victories and a storied career on both the PGA Tour and the Ryder Cup, Davis Love III is a highly respected figure in the world of golf. Love's passion for cigars is well-known among fellow golfers and enthusiasts. He boasts an extensive collection of cigars and can often be seen enjoying a smoke before or after rounds. Love's discerning taste for premium cigars adds an extra layer of enjoyment to his golfing experiences, as he relishes in the sensory pleasures that they offer.

Rocco Mediate, a seasoned PGA Tour professional, has captivated audiences with his skill on the course and his love for cigars. Often spotted with a cigar in hand during practice rounds, Mediate embodies the spirit of relaxation and celebration that cigars bring to the game. 

Meanwhile, hailing from Ireland, Darren Clarke has etched his name in golfing history with his achievements on both the European Tour and the PGA Tour. Known for his easy going demeanor and charismatic personality, Clarke has been photographed savoring a large Cohiba cigar before and after rounds. His fondness for cigars adds to his charm and further strengthens the connection between the sport of golf and the art of cigar smoking.

Signature Cigars Enhance the Golfing Experience

Just as golfers meticulously select their clubs and accessories, choosing the right cigar becomes an integral part of their golfing experience. Signature cigars, crafted by master blenders and renowned brands, offer golfers an opportunity to indulge in flavors and nuances that mirror the challenges and intricacies of the game itself. The right cigar, with its unique blend of tobacco and carefully curated flavors, has the power to elevate a golfing outing into a memorable journey of the senses.

The Golfer's Lifestyle

The golfer's lifestyle, with its dedication to refinement and leisure, encompasses more than just time spent on the course. Off the greens, golfers immerse themselves in a world of luxury and sophistication, often seeking out the finest establishments and experiences. It is in this pursuit of the exceptional that cigars find their place, offering a sensory escape and a moment of relaxation amidst the demands of the game.

From the rituals and traditions that accompany a round of golf to the enjoyment of a handcrafted cigar, this timeless bond between golf and cigars celebrates the finer things in life. As golfers like John Daly and Miguel Angel Jimenez continue to tee off and relish the pleasures of a well-deserved smoke, the enduring connection between golf and cigars remains an integral part of the golfing lifestyle.