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There’s always something new to learn about cigars and smoking them for enjoyment, no matter how long you’ve been smoking. This is partly true because the cigar industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new cigars becoming available throughout each year. Gathering information from the so-called brothers of the leaf (BOTL) can be very rewarding. Most cigar smokers enjoying discussing stogies. Maybe they’ve tried the new blend La Aroma de Cuba and you’re familiar with the old. The two of you can compare notes which will help you decide whether or not to pick up the new stick. Perhaps you’ve smoked a lot of Cubans and are familiar with most other types, and they’re looking for cigars from the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua that have a Cubanesque taste. The back and forth between cigar enthusiasts leads to ideas for cigars to try, those to stay away from and sharing notes about those mutually enjoyed. Newer cigar smokers can also learn a great deal from veteran cigar fans. There are many good questions to ask. Here are a few: What are your favorite cigars, and why? Are the cigars you enjoy mild, medium or full-flavored? Are they medium or strong in body? What wrappers do you prefer? What do you drink with your favorite cigars? Are there any infused or flavored stogies you like? What storage tips can you offer? What type of do you use, and why? Any of these questions can get a great conversation started. The confab will be especially interesting if you’re talking with two or more other BOTL since they’ll differ in opinion and you’ll get a more well-rounded understanding of the topic at hand.
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