Carlos Fuente's Favorite Smoke?

#3by Juan Panesso
Smoking a Cigar With Cynthia Fuente


Answer: Don Carlos #3

I love the perks of my job, and recently, I enjoyed an experience I will never forget. That's me, smoking the Don Carlos #3 with the "Queen of Cigars" herself, Cynthia Fuente. She is the daughter of the late Carlos Fuente Sr. I was in the Davidoff Lounge in Tampa, enjoying the Buccaneers victory after they defeated the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Eagles. It was already a great day. Then a mutual friend introduced me to Cynthia. My day went from great to unforgettable! We instantly hit it off. She told me many wonderful stories of her dad, whom she always referred to as "Daddy." She told me that her Daddy's favorite daily smoke was the Don Carlos #3. I'll never smoke a Don Carlos #3 without thinking of her again. In honor of Cynthia and her "Daddy", I'm marking the whole Don Carlos line down. Live it up, and ENJOY!
Choose your favorite, or try the #3, you won't be disappointed! Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso Cigars Direct, Inc.