Cubans Are Again Off the Menu As of September 24, 2020

Once again, it is illegal under federal law to bring Cuban cigars into America. And if you’re thinking of visiting Cuba again someday after the pandemic is over, we hope you have relatives there or a nice Airbnb lined up, because the new regulation also makes it illegal to stay in hundreds of Cuban hotels.

We’re not going to get political in this particular blog article. If you want that, you can get it pretty much anytime, anywhere these days. Hell, some of you may be smoking cigars to escape the endless battle that is modern American politics. Today, we’re just here to deliver the unpleasant news.

Many of you recall the longstanding embargo that prevented Americans from buying Cuban cigars and certain other products. We all were pretty pleased when an Obama-era rule finally eased restrictions, allowing us not just to visit Cuba, but also to bring home Cuban cigars. It couldn’t be for commercial purposes – you couldn’t bring home boxes on boxes to sell – but you could bring back around a hundred cigars to enjoy. In general, this seemed like a move in the right direction to us. After all, bringing more outstanding cigars in the marketplace is kind of a mission of ours, and there’s a ton of smokers who have never gotten to sample some of the best cigars in the world.

Seeing that ability once again taken away is sad.

Something of a Cuban cigar renaissance was possible if we were able to freely visit the island and bring back some Cubans to enjoy (and maybe share with other aficionados, if they behave themselves). The pandemic has most people’s travel plans on the back burner. When movement opens up again, we expect that there will be a good bunch of you interested in a trip to Cuba to bathe in cigar culture by the sea. Unfortunately, that day will probably have to wait unless you’re willing to do some serious planning and speak a bit of Spanish.

There’s no telling what the future will hold for this much-altered set of regulations. One thing we know is for sure – some cigar lovers will be waiting with lighters at the ready for the day when they can again fire up some true habanos and participate in a generations-old tradition of cigar appreciation.

And bring some back for the humidor too!

Adios, amigos.