Most Calming Mild-Medium Cigars

ashton-cabinet-seriesby Billy Ferriolo
Most Calming Mild-Medium Cigars


When we crave a cigar, what many of us crave is an experience that takes us away from ordinary life and stress – that sends us on a little vacation in our mind, no matter where we are, physically. You could be in the middle of a loud city on a stoop, you could be on a busy-ass jobsite sitting on your tailgate, or you could be on a bench while bustling crowds go by. But to you, in your own mind, you’re miles away and pretty much untouchable.

Your peace is founded on a rhythm: draw in, blow out. Cigar smoke often creates a natural barrier between you and those around you. Think of it as a bonus.

The smoke curls around continuously, and the aromas and tastes are rich and earthy. You glance at your cigar now and then to see how things are going. How far in am I? Is this thing burning ok? Do I need to move that band? But while little questions pop up, you’re really far away in your mind. This is what the most calming cigars bring, and what keeps many of us coming back time after time. Even though nicotine is a stimulant, it seems to stimulate thought, but not create excitement or anxiety.

Instead, it’s soothing.

To give guidance to those who like this aspect of cigar smoking most, we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite calming mild-medium cigars to relax with. These smokes help us mellow out and make the worries and cares melt away. Of course, we have to note that there are plenty of calming full strength and full flavor cigars out there, but this list is devoted to the gentle (but not too gentle) blends that make kicking back easy.

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Connecticut

After a turbulent history and a company that had to be pulled back from the brink of disaster, Joya de Nicaragua is due for some rest and relaxation, right? Well, no time like the present and no cigar like the Antaño Connecticut to put away the cares of “yesteryear” (that’s how Google translates “Antaño”).

The smoke from this cigar is mild-medium, so you’re still getting a little bit of potency, which we find actually helps us sail away when we’re smoking a cigar. This blend pulled in a 90-point rating with Cigar Aficionado, thanks largely to the enjoyable flavors of toasted almond, baking spices, and creamy citrus. While you may think of zestiness when people note citrus in a cigar’s flavor profile, what you’ll find is that the best calming cigars are able to keep everything in balance. Instead of being an unwelcome or jarring aroma, it’s more like the cherry on the sundae, settling right in on the finish where it belongs.

The Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Connecticut uses Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler blend, but actually reaches across the ocean to Ecuador for a Connecticut-seed wrapper. The result is supremely relaxing and calming – a perfect cigar to help you meditate on the day in front of you, or to reflect on the day behind you as you put another one into the books. It’s a mellow experience that we’re definitely in the mood for more often than not.

Macanudo Café

You can’t keep a company going through multiple eras of the cigar industry as Macanudo has without learning how to craft a cigar that people truly enjoy. In fact, it may surprise you to hear that there was a time when Macanudo was one of the most popular brand of cigars in America. Now, times have changed and other cigars have taken its place in the charts, but those who’ve been in the game for a few decades know that a fine Macanudo is an excellent way to unwind.

In particular, the Macanudo Café blend is one of the best ways to chill out when you’re in the mood for a smoke. It’s got a light woody and nutty flavor profile that keeps things easy, and it also offers an espresso and brown sugar mix that turns it into a great cigar to enjoy with coffee.

“Café.” The name says it all, right?

Macanudo pulled in a 90-point rating with this mild-medium cigar, and they did it with a fairly interesting combination of tobaccos. The filler blend combines Dominican and Mexican tobacco leaf, while the outside is draped in a handsome brown Connecticut shade wrapper. The company was one of the early pioneers of Connecticut tobacco, and it seems they still know how to choose some of the best cover leaves in the region. The overall relaxing effect makes this one of the best calming cigars on our shelves. It’s a quintessential coffee stick from one of the companies that most people’s grandfathers would recognize as high quality cigar makers.

Who are we to argue with that?

Ashton Cabinet Series

Ashton always gives us the impression that they’re a sophisticated cigar for a sophisticated smoker. Of course, that’s not always us and it may not always be you, but when you’re in the mood for a bit of refined luxury relaxation, an Ashton should be close at hand. Something about the gentlemanly vibe just sets us at ease.

It’s not the same feeling as having your toes in the sand and a beer in your hand. Instead, it’s more the way you feel when you’ve got a nicely tailored suit on and you’re going to avoid swearing and vulgarity for an afternoon. Later on, you’ll be back to your normal ways. For a while, though, you’ll be the kind of man who’s welcome in fancy company. And there’s nothing more relaxing than hanging confidently with the masters of the universe.

The Ashton Cabinet Series earned a 90 from Cigar Aficionado, and has a flavor profile like you’d expect from a Dominican blend wrapped in Connecticut shade: a leathery and nutty core, paired with light cedar and wood. Toast the foot and you’ll bathe in swirls of tastefully balanced smoke that carry off any unpleasant thoughts that have been bothering you. It’s a calming cigar because it reminds you that, with a bit of patience and discipline, even seemingly insurmountable challenges become manageable.

Room101 Farce Connecticut

If you’re not familiar with Room101, it’s a boutique brand that you may encounter in collaborations with industry stars like AJ Fernandez or the team from Caldwell. They’ve also got a rather, uh, “interesting” take on cigars and communications in general. (Hit up their site and read some descriptions if you want to know what we’re talking about). That said, Farce is a project where they’ve struck out on their own and truly taken sole ownership of the blend, with really satisfying results.

The filler blend uses Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, and the Farce CT features a premium Ecuadorian shade wrapper to hold everything together. The X-factor in this cigar comes from the Indonesian binder, which imparts an exotic flavor that you kind of have to experience to truly appreciate. We’ve found the effect to be quite interesting, while still providing a super mellow smoke that we can really get lost in. With 91 points from Cigar Aficionado, it’s a certified excellent mild-medium cigar. The flavor profile will keep you fully occupied with notes of nuts and wood, but also an array of baking flavors like cloves, nougat, and vanilla. Keep on drawing and tasting, and forget about your stress. There’s quality tobacco to enjoy.

Even though the brand is edgy, smoking the Room101 Farce CT is really like hanging in grandma’s kitchen while she bakes without a care in the world. It’s definitely a smoke we consider to be one of the best calming cigars around.

Charter Oak CT Shade

This one’s another fantastically flavorful relaxing cigar, and at 93 points, it’s incredibly well made. Like the Farce, this one also brings in an Indonesian binder for those faraway flavors and aromas. Get this one lit and smoking and you’ll be treated to a mixture of herbal and floral notes that will have you almost wondering if this is an infusion or not. There’s also some classic woody and nutty aromas that give the CT Shade major depth.

There’s really no wrong time to clip this one, toast it up, and sail away. It’s a masterful blend of Nicaraguan filler tobacco and Connecticut leaf from one of CT’s own sons, Nick Mellilo. As one of Cigar Aficionado’s best value cigars, this is a stick that is relaxing not just because of the wonderful smoking experience, but because you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the cigar industry has no shortage of overhyped product. In all honesty, some of the cigars we’ve stocked have left us wondering if there might have been an issue with translation from Spanish when it came time to create the price tag. Like maybe an ancient tabaquero had a cigar between his teeth, spat out a number while standing in the hot Central American sun, and his grandsons decided not to irritate him by asking if he was sure about that figure?

Anyway, this smoke makes us cool as cucumbers. It’s mild-medium and just right for a lazy afternoon puff.

Illusione Haut 10

For some people, conspiracy theories set their hair on end and lead to sleepless nights. For others, however, they’re the perfect way to pass a few hours going down the rabbit hole into the fascinating dramas that play out behind the curtain of mainstream reality. It’s not a stretch to say that it can be a way to relax as we assure ourselves that there’s little need to be concerned with day to day annoyances. After all, the major events of history may have turned on the words and deeds of an influential few.

What, me worry?

The Illusione brand is similarly inspired by conspiratorial tales, often referencing the most interesting hidden stories that you won’t find on the front page of any popular newspapers. The Haut 10 is an homage to ten years of quality blends born of an interest in mystery, and we find that this Nicaraguan puro is a great pairing with any session of “research,” if you can call it that. It’s a 90 point cigar that brings mild-medium strength and the calming, simple flavor of fresh tobacco, along with cedar and the mellow sweetness of classic baked goods.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine.

Please browse our selection of the best mild-medium cigars at your leisure.