6 Cigars to Enjoy While Raking or Blowing Leaves

Category_Cigarby Juan Panesso
Cigars to Enjoy While Raking Leaves


Autumn is almost over, but "fall" isn't done yet. Even in December, those asshole trees are still dropping leaves all over the damn place. How many Saturdays do the tree gods demand as a sacrifice? How many Sundays must be ruined dealing with leaves? Maybe you're just praying a heavy snowfall will blanket the whole damn mess for the next few months and you can forget you even have a yard? Well, for those of you who are waging the seasonal War of the Leaves, whether it's with a rake or a badass loud-as-hell blower, we salute you! These are your smokes. Here are 6 cigars to enjoy while raking or blowing leaves.

Rocky Patel Broadleaf

It's got "leaf" right in the name. You light this up as a warning to all the others and say, "You see? YOU SEE!? This is what happens to leaves in this neighborhood: they get SMOKED!" Your leaves won't do anything, but trust us, they'll get the message. They'll know their days are numbered.

Padron Thousand Series

Thousands of leaves, meet the Thousand Series. Nothing too expensive, but still a satisfying, flavorful smoke from masters of the craft.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

This smoke is named for the Arturo Fuente family patriarch. And as we all know, it's the patriarch who's typically stuck outside dealing with the yard. Hopefully, your little patriarch in training is coming along and will soon be saddled with yard responsibilities. Be sure you sit back puffing on this bad boy as you hold the leaf bag open for Jr. to fill up.

My Father Cigars La Antiguedad

Antiguedad is Spanish for "antiquity," or "days of old." Dealing with leaves is a chore as old as time itself, so we're selecting this one for this set. Made to honor the old Cuban-style methods of cigar making, this one packs a punch using an Ecuadorian Rosado Oscuro wrapper outside and a double Nicaraguan binder inside (Corojo and Criollo).

Drew Estate Natural

You're out in nature. You're dealing with nature. It makes sense to keep it natural.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

This stick from Oliva features amazing woodsy flavors that will go well with an earthy core. Find your smoke, tackle the lawn, then kick back and enjoy five minutes of clean green. That sucker'll be covered again by work time on Monday.