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Let’s say you watch your neighbor’s house for a week, feed his dog and let the pooch out morning, noon and night. When he gets home, he offers a hearty thanks. Okay, you were neighborly, and his thanks make you feel moderately appreciated. However, what if his “thank you” comes with a five-pack of tasty Fuente, Ashton or Camacho cigars? The appreciation level you feel will go up significantly! Here are five ways to say thank you with premium cigars. 1. Attach a Sample Pack to a Thank-You Card It doesn’t get any easier than this. A card and a pack of five premium cigars work for neighbors, contractors who go above and beyond in their work, employees who exceed expectations and friends who help you on your home remodeling project. 2. Give Cigars and Art If the person you want to thank enjoys quality art, then find a good-looking print or photograph he or she will like and order it for them. We’re not talking about a picture of five dogs playing poker and smoking stogies, unless that’s the recipient’s style, of course. Browsing an art site like Fine Art America will yield some very nice gift ideas. Include a tasty sample pack or box of cigars with your gift. 3. Make a Cigar-Themed Gift Bag Start with a pack of your recipient’s favorite cigar. If you’re unsure what that is, choose a medium-bodied cigar like the Montecristo Classic, RyJ 1875, Macanudo Gold Label or Oliva Serie O. Add a quality cutter or lighter, perhaps a traveling case for three to seven cigars and a cigar-themed t-shirt. 4. Buy a Round of Drinks and Smokes When you want to show appreciation to a group of friends, gather at your favorite cigar bar. Order the first round of drinks and buy everyone a quality $8 to $12 smoke, or whatever you think is appropriate. This way of saying “thank you” can work for a sales team, creative team or another work-related group if you have that type of chemistry. 5. Say Thanks on YouTube Put together a script for what you want to say, and then practice it in front of the mirror until you are comfortable delivering it in a relaxed manner. Have someone video your “thank you,” and then load it to YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s a cool example. The last step is to give the gift of cigars with a note that provides the YouTube link. An email to the link will be appreciated too. You can make the video thank-you public or private. Your friends who smoke cigars on a regular basis will be thrilled with cigar-oriented thanks from you. Those who only smoke stogies occasionally will appreciate the luxury of having a handful of cigars to enjoy at their leisure. Cigars Direct has hundreds of lines of quality cigars to help you say “thank you” to anyone who deserves it, and the quality of every cigar we ship is guaranteed.
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