Six Special Cigar Moments

Cigars are one of life’s pleasures that make good times just a touch better. Like the icing on the cake. While you probably enjoy a list of cigars in your daily rotation, having a few special sticks set aside for important occasions is part of the fun of being a cigar lover. Here are six important occasions for cigars that are a cut above. Finishing a Major Project Sometimes the end of a project brings a sense of accomplishment. Other times, it's more relief that the work is done. Often, both sentiments are felt, and those can be the most special moments. The project might be something at work or a personal one like remodeling a bathroom or the kitchen. Enjoy the moment with a stick you’d typically consider a luxury. Light up an Opus X, Diamond Crown Maximus or Partagas 160 to celebrate. Paying Off Debt Did you send in the last payment on a car loan or school loan? Burn your mortgage? Moments like those are to be savored. Do it with a premium cigar you wouldn’t normally spend the money on. Enjoy a slice of the good like now that you’ll have a little extra in your pocket every month! Selling Something Large Did someone buy your house? Did you sell an expensive car in order to buy and drive something more affordable? Did you unload that boat you thought you’d spend so much time on but never did? Fire up a Padrón 1964 Anny or Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun to commemorate the occasion. Earning a Bonus or Large Commission A bonus means you’re getting extra, so buy a cigar you look on as a bonus or splurge on a box of your favorites and enjoy them more frequently. Then, do something sensible with the rest like invest it or make an extra loan payment. That will make you feel good, and you’ll enjoy that stogie even more! Accomplishing an Educational Goal When you receive that degree or pass a certification test, celebrate your success with a favorite cigar or one you’ve wanted to try. Reward yourself for the hard work you exerted to attain the degree or certification, and dream about how you’ll put it to use in your career. Succeeding at Something Challenging Did you complete your first 5k or longer race? Are those 20 pounds gone? Has it been a month since you had a nasty cigarette and now the thought of one makes you sick? Enjoy the sense of a job well done with a special-occasion smoke like a L’Atelier, Liga Privada Unico Series or a Graycliff Crystal. Cigars Direct has a long list of special occasion cigars that you’ll enjoy perusing. You can order with confidence because we guarantee that the cigars will arrive at your door in peak smoking condition, ready for your celebration!